Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beyond The Dark Valley

With the upcoming Senate hearings involving the newest Supreme Court nominee, no doubt the issue of abortion will be in the news again. Those who argue for the pro-choice position don't want to talk about the pain of abortion that millions of women have experienced.

This is a powerful 30 minute video called "Beyond the Dark Valley of Abortion," produced by the Justice Foundation, which explores the way to find hope and healing for those, perhaps you or someone you know, who have suffered physically, emotionally or spiritually because of abortion. The video is available to watch free here. (

Operation Outcry, a ministry of the Justice Foundation, is asking women to share their abortion experience at their website because the United States Supreme Court is asking for evidence that abortion harms women.

AFA and Operation Outcry are collecting testimonies to help in Court decisions. This is critically important! If you or someone you know desires to share a short testimony, it can be done confidentially at You can choose to use your full name, first name or just your initials. This will help further document the personal pain and trauma caused by abortion to judges who can make a difference. Click here to fill out a declaration form.

The Big Lie is 'No One Gets Hurt.'

The Second Lie is 'This is not a life, only a mass of tissue.' We know from sonograms, it is a Baby, not a blob of tissue. Abortion kills babies, and hurts women, men, and families.

This video has a beautiful message, there is help, hope, and healing.


Anonymous said...

great information. thanks for posting it.

Z-man said...

Kudos but don't expect the msm to cover it.

Nearly Nobody said...

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a red voice said...

Z-man- I know, I have given up on msm & mainstream media... they are merely liberal propaganda
Jack - thanks for the info I will ad my blog's URL to the site.