Monday, August 17, 2009

Priceless Clips from President Obama on Health Care....

here's just a few more reasons why not to support ObamaCare:

Jane asks the President if her 100 year old mother (now 105) would have gotten a pacemaker under his plan. Well now that's a tough one ... that costs a lot and maybe we will have to say, just take a pill.

President Obama states doctors will amputate feet because they are reimbursed more for surgery than for maintaining a diabetic patient.

President Obama accusing Physicians of making Medical decisions based on reimbursement schedules

President Barack Obama reassured Americans gathered at a town-hall style gathering in New Hampshire on Tuesday that a public-option in health care would not lead to the death of private insurance and rationing by telling them that private mail carriers, like UPS and Fed-Ex, have done just fine against the US Post Office. But comparing the government plan to a bankrupt postal service may not help a President who just slipped today under 50 percent approval in one poll.

"If you think about it, UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. It's the Post Office that's always having problems," Obama told a questioner, who expressed concern that the public option would run private insurers out of business. Obama said that the public option would have to pay for itself and not through tax-increases leveled on the middle-class.

However, the US Post Office is having serious problems lately and that analogy could raise alarms about the future of government run health-care. The Post Office, which does not raise revenue through taxes, faces a $7 billion loss for this fiscal year, and is slated to close approximately 700 or more offices across the country.


MDP said...

I've been thinking about the postal service lately too - a constitutionally guaranteed monopoly and the government still lost $28 billion on it last year. And they are going to run the health care system? No thanks!

a red voice said...

yeah, my sentiments too...