Monday, October 26, 2009


Here are some scenes from Law and Order --last Friday's program--"Dignity"--it allowed the pro-life position to be presented in full and through the mouths not only of self-identified pro-lifers but also through the agonizing reflections of members of the "Law & Order" cast.

"The case falls apart for Cutter due to Rubirosa and testimony of nurse who saw abortion doctor kill a born baby."


carlo said...

How can doctor kill a born baby? I think he should be hanged till death... I have watched its all episodes and i think its the best episode of the Law and Order Series.

jamie hawes said...

You ignorant assholes need to get a life instead of "choosing life." Rather than sitting on your asses blogging about how abortion is "wrong", why don't you spend a couple days with a teen mom who's future is now shattered or maybe a rape victim who is now pregnant with an unknown violent man/woman's baby. Abortion is thankfully legal and women's rights will always be here. It is no one's decision but the woman herself. First and foremost we need to be teaching young people about safe sex and the consequences. I'm not saying it's okay for kids and adults to have unprotected casual sex but a child should not be brought into this world if it cannot be taken care of. There are over 107,964 orphaned children in the world as of right now, and the numbers are growing. Those children have no one to take care of them and are lucky enough to have the next meal. Most die within the first 4 years, tell me which is worse. Why don't you put some of your energy into them instead of this "blog"
I'm sure jesus would agree with me.

Anonymous said...

Jamie, thank goodness you're of an opinion that is increasingly small and little listened too.

People, even teenager mothers, and teenager fathers, have responsibility for their actions. At the very least, the government has a responsibility to protect all children. Even those who economic dependence is characterized by a biological factor.

a red voice said...

Carlo & Ramblings... thank you for your comments.

Jamie... somehow I missed your vicious comments, or I would have responded earlier.

Prolife crisis centers are set up to help women (teen moms, rape victims, etc) I donate to these centers. When my children get older, I plan to volunteer there.

"Pro-Choice" Abortion Mills like Planned Parenthood are set up to make money and victimize women even more by fooling them into to thinking that abortions don't hurt women and kill babies when that's exactly what abortions do!

Abortions seriously harm women and kill babies. Abortion increases a woman's risk of developing breast, cervical, ovarian, and liver cancers. Abortion is the 5th leading cause of maternal death. Woman are also psychologically harmed by abortion. (see:

Your comments seem to say that it would be justifiable to go into the orphanages and just kill the children there since there is no one to take care of them. That is what abortion is - killing children because they are "not wanted" by the mother. How could Jesus agree with you? He wouldn't, & you're a fool to believe that Jesus supports abortion.

Each year about 40,000 babies are given up for adoption and 129,000 children in foster care are eligible for adoption, but there are 600,000 couples actively seeking to adopt children. There aren't too many unwanted children (source:

Contraceptives do reduce the chance that pregnancy will result, however the widespread use of contraceptives increases risky sexual behavior overall. This is demonstrated by the dramatic increase in the number of STD and illegitimate births over the past four decades, even as contraception has become more available. Over half the women who seek abortions report they were using a contraceptive when they became pregnant.

Jamie, you need to put some energy into finding out facts instead of pretending Jesus supports abortion and spewing your lies on my blog.