Saturday, June 5, 2010

Forced Abortion Happening in America

I'd like to hear from the "pro-choice" crowd and their outrage at this abortion practitioner forcing Caitlin Bruce to have an abortion. Of course, there won't be any outrage from the "pro-choice" crowd. Choosing Life is NOT the "choice" they represent.

Caitlin Bruce is 20 and she has filed a lawsuit against abortion practitioner Alberto Hodari, who has a long history of killing and injuring patients and also faces other forced abortion accusations.

Bruce had the abortion in April 2008 at Hodari's Feminine Health Care Clinic in Flint, Michigan. But she told ABC News she changed her mind at the very last second but was pinned down and had her mouth closed as she tried to protest.

A high school dropout trying to make a life for herself, Bruce is the classic case of a minority girl impregnated by a much-older boyfriend -- and her father persuaded her to have the abortion.

"I was really confused, asking everybody else what I should do. Everybody told me, 'You were too young,'" she told ABC. "What I really wanted to hear was, 'We'll help you out.'"

On the table for the abortion, Bruce felt the first instrument go inside her and she asked Hodari to stop, but he and his assistants held her down.

"He had a real tight grip over my mouth, but I was screaming .. and trying to pull my legs together," she said.

She said Hodari appeared to give up and told her she could go home and as soon as she relaxed, Bruce tells ABC News Hodari completed the abortion......

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Super Patriot said...

God bless you. I've just found this blog and I'm going to link it. We need more people casting light on the "choices" that should or should not be made in this country. If we put Dr. Kevorkian away, then why shouldn't all of these crooked, infanticidal quacks be sealed from our unborn children forever?

Thank you,

Super Patriot