Friday, April 24, 2009

My Chance

"My Chance," is an extraordinarily beautiful, powerful, and sensitive pro-life song performed by Jaime Thietten. "My Chance" received the "Song of the Year" award at this year's Momentum Award ceremonies in Nashville. (The Momentum Awards are the premier award recognition program for Christian independent artists.)

There is a youtube video that tells the "Story Behind the Song" (

Early in "My Chance" we learn that the woman has had an abortion which, as an older woman, she grievously regrets. The lyrics are subtle but you don't need the musical video to know how deep are her wounds. (You can watch the video at Jaime's

When they learned she was pregnant they decided to name the child "Chance." In anticipation, she buys him the "cutest shoes." But told they were "too young to raise a son" and "promised we'd never regret it," she has an abortion. But now "each day we pray that God will understand." Heartbroken, she misses "My Chance."

As the video concludes the woman, much older now, is looking upward, holding the baby shoes she'd purchase lo those many years before. The title's double meaning is revealed in the final verses: "We never got the second chance. He was my one, my only chance. I missed my chance."

At times almost overcome with emotion, Jaime quietly talks about how she and her husband have tried unsuccessfully for a decade to have children. "This song has a little bit of a deeper meaning for me," she says. Jaime is able to see the situation from both sides--families that desperately want children but can't, and women who are pregnant "and don't want their children."

Barely able to speak Jaime says that people "are under the impression "that if the baby is not wanted, then it doesn't need to come into the world. And that's not true because a baby is always wanted. It might not be wanted by you, but it is going to be wanted by someone else, like me."

As if speaking directly to a young girl who is deciding whether to have an abortion, Jaime pleads, "Give that baby a chance. Give me a chance to be a mom. And I think your life will have much bigger meaning--you can be a hero to this baby."
(from National Right to Life)

an adoption story below - be the hero give the baby a chance, so many lives are blessed when a woman chooses adoption over abortion.


Mel said...

Both videos are astounding, thanks for posting them!!! Showing all sides.

a red voice said...

Hi Mel - yes I agree the videos shows all sides, pro-choice advocates say they want to empower women, but do not want women to know about the pain women who have had abortions go through, nor want these women to realize that a baby is always wanted by someone & how a "mistake" can be a great blessing for the many couples waiting to adopt & especially for the child that they give life to.