Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I haven't been blogging for a while due to the fact that I'm pregnant and I get really nauseated, tired, and sick during the first trimester. I've also have been trying to keep up with my other children, homeschooling one of them, secretarial work for our business, and surviving a three week flu bug that went through the whole family - and while being extremely nauseated - so the blogging was set a side for a while even though I was still reading/listening to what was happening in our country. I am in my second trimester now, and I'm feeling better- so will be blogging again. Because I am pregnant, I will probably be blogging much about the pro-life issue and fighting to help save other babies.

I came across an article about the important role ultrasounds can have on reducing abortions. Increasing the use of ultrasound really brings the humanness of the baby to those watching. The main outcry against this has been from Planned Parenthood and other abortion mills, because they realize that ultrasounds reduce the number of abortions and, thus, their profits. This is so true. As I have been sick and nauseated during the last few months - I know I have a baby growing inside of me, but when I saw the ultrasound at 11 weeks, the baby really came alive for me. I saw the baby kick and move around and put his/her hand in his/her mouth. I saw the baby's heart beat. It was such a wonderful experience. After seeing this baby inside of me, there is no way someone can convince me of the lie that pro-abortion community would have you believe that there is just this blob of cells in me. I encourage anyone who is contemplating abortion to have an ultrasound and to see their baby. I encourage any one who is pro-choice to view an ultrasound and try to explain why it is legal/acceptable to kill this baby?

Ultrasounds are key to reducing abortions (excepts below - click the link to read the entire article- it is well worth it!!)

There is a trend in the state legislatures to pass laws that give the option for a pregnant woman to view an ultrasound. They are not required to see the ultrasound before having an abortion, but they must be given the option. Twelve states have adopted such a measure which undoubtedly has saved numerous lives.

When parents see the ultrasound of their unborn baby a connection is made that cannot be forgotten. This connection has been extremely vital in reducing the number of abortions. As previously exhibited, the ultrasound can also be a tremendously effective educational tool to show everyone what really is killed in an abortion. When many just hear information about abortion, it doesn't have nearly the impact of five minutes of viewing the unborn baby with an ultrasound machine. It also eliminates the uneasiness and complaints even with some in the pro-life community about the displays of graphic material about abortion....

...there are many other smaller groups that provide the option of ultrasound to pregnant women.One organization is Project Defending Life, www.defendinglife.org in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They recently had an ultrasound demonstration called Window to the Womb at St. Pius X High School in Albuquerque. Some of the student's responses reveal how much of an impact an ultrasound can have:
  • "the ultrasound was very moving, and it really opened my eyes ... If I was in the situation and was thinking of getting an abortion, and I saw my little baby inside of me, I would definitely change my mind ... I think that anyone who says that the child is just a bunch of cells and is not a baby should look at an ultrasound and try to say that once they've seen it. They wouldn't be able to because they would see that it truly is a baby with a heartbeat."
  • "I believe that the ultrasound presentation was very educational ... not only should high school students be required to see an ultrasound but so should the women who want to have an abortion ... Learning all this information made me appreciate my life so much more ... I don't understand why people support something so cruel"
  • "The ultrasound reinforced how special life is ... so many innocent lives are lost ... its not the babies fault."
  • "Babies are so innocent and so full of love ... they bring joy to people. Life is not a mistake but a gift. I believe that these women who go in for an abortion are scared and afraid of what is to come, the huge responsibility it takes to raise a child. But what they don't see is how much love and happiness this child will bring ... they see that ultrasound, they see that love and happiness."


Always On Watch said...

You're homeschooling? Good for you!

Some 12 years ago, I left traditional-classroom teaching and began teaching groups of homeschoolers. I love what I do -- even if the money isn't great!

Beth said...

Oh boy, I do recall that morning sickness that lasted all day, glad you are feeling better.

I never understood the notion that only a WANTED baby is considered a child, unwanted ones are blobs of cells. It is a twisted view in my opinion.

I have heard of the research about ultrasounds, but of course the pro-aborts really don't want those contemplating abortion to get the whole story, including the ultrasound.

a red voice said...

Always On Watch: - I taught traditional school before I had children too. After I had kids, my sister got me into homeschooling. I homeschooled all my kids for the last 5 yrs - (the two oldest are in school this yr for the first time - taking a break)& I'm only teaching my youngest daughter. I think it helped the older ones to appreciate me better as they both want to be homeschooled again next yr. Taking a little break has kind of renewed me too - I can see areas I needed to improve in too. That's great that you teach groups of homeschoolers - how wonderful - I love belonging to groups for support!

Beth: - it is interesting that the pro-abort groups claim to fight for the rights of women, but don't want these women to know all the facts. Sad & evil...