Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No One Gets Left Behind

Great Video - I just saw today.

Enjoy the FREE video built to honor our military members and their families. Be sure to remember in the deepest part of your soul the ones that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Keep these brave warriors in your thoughts daily. Direct the emotion of LOVE to the people that keep us safe. We are able to feed our families, build our businesses, LOVE the people close to us and pursue happiness because of the men and women that make sure "No One Gets Left Behind".


Northwest Minuteman said...

Awesome blog! Another one you might enjoy:

American Parchment Editor said...

A new site to help you stay up-to-date

I saw your blog and thought you may be interested in my site.
I started this site 8 months ago the day after the 2008 elections with the desire to help everyone remember what was in the news during this last election. I built this site to help others see exactly what was going on in the world especially those things in our nations politics.
Try for all you news updates. It’s a conservative based news source with everything. Check it out.


Zack Edwards

TizTheOne said...

Very good of you to decide to honour those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Many people only do these things on Memorial Day, July 4th or when some tragedy hits,

You deserve heavy praise for this.


a red voice said...

Northwest, American Parchment, & TizTheOne thanks for stopping by & for the links to other great blogs. I will check them out. Sorry I have been so busy lately & unable to respond back earlier.
Keep up the great work!