Thursday, June 25, 2009

Problems with National Health Care

These comics summarize how Obama Health Care Plan will work

(above comic from Patriot Post)

I wanted to share this link to a new website that Students for Life of America released this week, The site explores the current debate about national health care and raises new issues surrounding rationing care.

There has been much talk about implementing a national health care plan in the U.S. However, there is disturbing information from Ireland and Great Britain, both of which have national health care, regarding the poor standards of care given to patients with deadly diseases.

Take a look at the site, it is very informative.

National Health Care is NOT the answer!

If we don't stop the Obama Democrats' disastrous health care takeover now, we'll all be facing the end of health care choice and endlessly rising taxation very soon.

Don't let that happen -- We Americans need to keep our health care freedom.

"I doubt whether there are many Americans who think Congress has either the right or competency to choose where they live, what clothes they wear or what cars they drive. Yet many Americans stand ready to allow Congress to decide what doctors they go to and what treatments they receive. We forget that once we have government-sponsored health care, it can be used to justify almost any restraint on liberty." --economist Walter E. Williams

"The president claims that we must pass a government-run health insurance program -- possibly the most wide-ranging and intricate government undertaking in decades -- yesterday or a 'ticking time bomb' will explode. If all this terrifying talk sounds familiar, it might be because the president applies the same fear-infused vocabulary to nearly all his hard-to-defend policy positions. You'll remember the stimulus plan had to be passed without a second's delay or we would see 8.7 percent unemployment. We're almost at 10." --columnist David Harsanyi

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