Monday, March 22, 2010


I felt it when I woke up this morning!!

We've called our Representatives and Senators -- over
and over ...

We've e-mailed ...

We've attended webcasts ...

We've sent faxes ...

We've spread the word to family and friends ...

We've spoken out at town hall meetings ...

We've written letters to Members of Congress ...

We've signed petitions ...

We've visited Congressional offices ...

We've posted updates on Facebook and Twitter ...

We've attended marches and rallies ...

We've submitted letters to the editor of our local
newspapers ...

We prayed....

BUT, We were betrayed by those whom we elected.

Never has Congress passed a piece of legislation that grows government to this extent. Our freedoms are hanging on by a thread!!

ObamaCare (H.R. 3590) imposes $500 billion of new taxes, cuts Medicare by $500 billion, and expands Medicaid by 33% in the middle of a deep recession. IRS agents will now ensure that you buy Washington-approved health insurance - and we don't even know what that will look like.

219 Democrats voted to impose mandates, higher taxes and insurance premiums and protect President Obama's political legacy over jobs and the economy. Without a single Republican vote, there was nothing bi-partisan about this bill.

I had hopes that there was such a thing as a Pro-life Democrat. But Bart Stupak and Ben Nelson promises were lies.

My representative (Brian Baird) was one of those to strip away our freedoms and I am so disgusted with him and the others. He is not running again (Good Riddance to him for betraying us and giving away our freedoms). We must vote them all out of office. (See how your Senator and Representative voted.)

There is no provision in the United States Constitution giving the central government the authority to nationalize health care, but liberals have never let the Constitution stand in the way of their incremental efforts to socialize the U.S. economy. Our current President seems intent on destroying, not preserving, the Constitution, and as quickly as possible.

The Pied Piper
(photo from: The Patriot Post ( )

Many people of faith are disappointed and discouraged.

Defeat is often only the prelude to an even greater victory. Our country has overcome tyranny before and we must do it again.

Over the next 7 months, we will be preparing for the November elections.

Any politician who supported this bill must pay a price. And that price is ultimately paid at the ballot box.

The backers of this health care bill never gave up. They fought for nearly a year against public opinion, and wore down their opponents until they got what they wanted.

We must resolve to do the same.

Remember what happened last night.

Remember how you feel right now.

November will be here before you know it.

We must fight for our freedoms in the ballot box this November!!
If your congressmen voted AYE (yes), let them know that you are upset with how they voted and that they will pay for it in Novemeber - when we vote them out!!
Here's A letter below I sent to my congressman this morning:

March 22, 2010

To Rep. Brian Baird:

Last year, you voted against the Democrats’ trillion dollar government-run health care experiment, because it would raise premiums, increase costs and slash Medicare.

The senate version also raises our premiums and increases cost and slashes Medicare!!!

According to the CBO, by 2016, the cheapest family health care plan that Americans will be required to buy under the law will cost $12,000 per year. The average family plan will cost $15,200. A family of four making $88,201 per year—or more than 400 percent of the poverty level—will not receive any federal subsidy to purchase such a plan. They will pay taxes, however, to subsidize the health care purchases of people earning less than 400 percent of poverty.

Based on the CBO findings, trillion dollar government-run healthcare bills are bad for our economy. They are bad for our healthcare system. And they are morally wrong in that the leading versions force pro-life citizens to fund and support abortion. The Executive Order fix is a band-aid solution that fails to solve the fundamental problems in this bill, and can be repealed at any time, for any reason, by the president or future presidents.


This is the first time in the history of the country that the federal government has ever ordered American citizens to buy any good or service. If the federal government can constitutionally force individuals to buy health insurance, then there isn’t anything the federal government can not force individuals to do. Where in the Constitution does it authorize the federal government to force people to buy health insurance? Our freedoms are being stripped away by the very representatives we have chosen who are suppose to fight for us. You have betrayed us.

We needed true reform not socialized, abortion funded “health” care? We needed to start over with a plan that’s based on the Constitution, considerate of moral concerns and with far less government intrusion. This new law will accelerate Washington's intrusion into our most personal and private decisions. The government is now the paymaster of, has full sweeping regulatory authority over, the U.S. health care industry which represents one-sixth of the U.S. economy. And how has the government done in the past with running Medicare? Medicaid, is also an unpopular and overextended welfare program that already rations care. According to the Treasury Department the Medicare system faces about $37 trillion in unfunded liabilities. This bill will also be a fiscal disaster.

I am deeply disgusted by the majority party’s insistence on pushing it against the clear will of the American people. Large majorities of Americans oppose this legislation because it offends the historic American dedication to the principle of self-government The will of the people was spat upon last night as government takeover of healthcare was shoved and rammed down our throats. This terrible bill is not about health care. It is a massive and mandatory new welfare program that will ensnare middle-class and middle-aged Americans in dependency on the federal government for a vital element of their lives.

I guess now that you are not running for re-election, and have voted for this terrible bill; you have decided that YOU have stopped fighting for Washington State and YOU will be forever remembered as the Congressman who sold-out his constituents in the ninth-inning for Team Obama.

I am so disgusted with you. You have given away our freedom.

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