Thursday, March 11, 2010

Urgent Call Your Representatives!!!

Forgive me for not posting more... I'm madly reading about everything that is happening, but unable to blog or comment much lately... with a new baby and homeschooling 4 other children, I can't seem to squeeze in time to blog much lately.

Please contact your congressmen (phone, email, fax) and let them know that you OPPOSE the Senate health care bill. The Senate Version includes a taxpayer-funded abortion mandate. Our tax dollars should not be used for a murderous act.

I oppose any plan that includes a so called "public option" which is an individual mandate to purchase health insurance that takes away our right to choose.

I am so disgusted over the overt manipulation and lack of integrity being show by this administration and Congress in continuing to ram any version of ObamaCare through. Any such bill will be devastating to our freedoms, our economy, and our families. It is a government takeover our health care system and dramatically increase the reach and size of the federal government. A trillion dollar government-run healthcare bill will be bad for our economy, bad for our healthcare system, and morally wrong in that it forces pro-life citizens to fund and support abortion.

American people want less government - not more!!
Contact your Representatives Today!!

On a lighter note - here some youtubes that I just watch and had to share: