Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More LIES from Planned Parenthood caught on tape

INDIANAPOLIS, July 20--The youth-led pro-life group Live Action released a new undercover video today showing staff at an Indianapolis Planned Parenthood clinic using manipulative and medically inaccurate counseling to convince a young woman to have an abortion. This is the third undercover video Live Action has released showing abusive counseling practices at Planned Parenthood of Indiana. ... (read more here)

...As Lila said, this is entirely about selling abortions. Abortion is a lucrative business. What we see from Live Action’s undercover videos time and time again is that the “counselors” never offer an alternative to these women. They’re confused, they’re scared, they’re vulnerable, and Planned Parenthood takes advantage of them by lying to them with manipulative and inaccurate information. Why? To make money. Planned Parenthood doesn’t get any money if the woman decides to keep the baby or give it up for adoption. In 2007, Planned Parenthood performed 305,310 abortions… and only referred 4,912 adoptions.

It’s all about the money for them. These “counselors” aren’t there to help women during a time of crisis. They’re salespeople, out to make a sale. Planned Parenthood makes millions of dollars off of abortions, on top of the millions of taxpayer funding they already receive, and why would they want to give that up?

This is why pro-life advocates push for mandatory ultrasounds. Women seeking abortions deserve to know the truth, and instead, they’re lied to and manipulated. These Planned Parenthood counselors have goods to sell, after all, and the murders of unborn children must happen no matter what. If women know the truth, they’re not as likely to have the abortion. Lying to women doesn’t matter as long as abortions are being performed — and the femisogynists go right along with it. As I said before,

Meanwhile, feminists (who ardently defend Planned Parenthood and their abortion mill) have been silent about Lila Rose and all that she’s uncovered. Jessica Valenti, for example, seems to have no problem with covering up the sexual abuse of minors, as long as it leads to abortion, the sacred cow of feminism. Planned Parenthood must be defended and the taxpayer funding cannot be revoked. To feminists, “the right the choose” is more important than anything unethical or immoral that an abortionist may do. It can cover all manner of ills.

They self-righteously huff that women know enough to make their own choice, but if they’re lied to and uninformed, how can they really make a choice? If abortion advocates were truly pro-choice, then they’d be outraged over these lies and manipulative tactics. But they aren’t pro-choice, they’re pro-abortion, and abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood are selling the murders of unborn children at any cost.

Forward this story on. These undercover videos will keep coming from Live Action — and how many of them need to be released before people wake up to the evil of Planned Parenthood? (see entire blog entry here)

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