Thursday, March 12, 2009

Be a Voice for the Unborn

A very powerful, touching video - Grab a Kleenex. Please be a voice for the unborn! Tell the world they want to live, Tell the world they're not a choice - but a life, please don't look the other way. Please be a voice!

This is a powerful video as well.

"The reality of abortion is very different than the perception of abortion. When the truth is presented and understood, minds change. When minds change, lives are saved. When enough minds change, public policy will change." -

To learn more of the truth of what is happening in the Legal Abortion Clinics of America -click here: Suction Abortion, Dismemberment - Dilation and Evacuation Abortion, Prostaglandin Abortion, Dilation and Extraction Abortion, and Baby Body Parts for sale

Pro-abortionists want us to believe that they are pro-family, but at every turn they fight efforts to keep parents informed before their minor daughters are about to undergo an abortion. The abortion industry claims to be pro-woman , yet they argue against laws that insure a woman's right know what abortion is, what abortion does to her unborn child as well as the long term effects of abortion and the link between abortion and breast cancer.

They try to say that they are pro-child, yet they lobbied against the Unborn Victims of Violence Act which affords protection to unborn children against acts of violence.

And finally, they claim to be pro-choice, but the mere mention of a 24-hour waiting period sends them into a shrill panic. The abortion industry wants women to abort and to abort now – and the truth be damned.

Every abortion stops a beating heart and it is all a bloody messy ordeal.

"The truth is really hard. But the truth is never inconsequential. It's always here. There are people who will try to corrupt it, pervert it, derail it, taint it, but the truth is the truth. It will prevail. Truth is its own defense and it is a complete defense.

There is a pattern with the mainstream media and the issues that surround abortion and its racist overtones. They don't like the truth, they won't tell the truth, they won't report the truth, and they won't let you see the truth. The truth is being subverted.

It is our job at NRLC to make sure that the truth will prevail. One by one, community by community, state by state." - National Right to Life PAC


Mel said...

thank you for sharing these and thank you for the kleenex warning up front.

Humble wife said...

I cannot watch the videos(my computer).. But we must cease this stain on our nation.

Honestly it is time to forget that Republicans are willing to do much more than Democrats...since Roe v Wade...
Nixon R
Ford-R >3 years
Carter-D 4 years
Reagan-R 8 years
Bush- R 4 years
Clinton- D 8 years
Bush R 8 years
Obama a few months
Approximately 23 years Republicans in office 12 years Democrats... The numbers don't add up.

Then we need to factor in the congress. I am so saddened by the Only in Name will we defend the unborn. I say it is time to cease this killing of our next generations.

Oops I am on a rant now, forgive me:)

a red voice said...

I agree we must cease this stain on our nation -rant all you want!!