Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Killing Girls

What has happened regarding the sanctity of life in a communist, an officially atheistic country (Russia)?

For the last 15 years the population in Russia has decreased at a catastrophic rate. The mortality rate is almost twice as high as the birth rate. The Russian government is trying to encourage women to have more children, but so far the situation remains unchanged.
A graphic documentary touted by its creator as "neither pro-life nor pro-choice" that depicts in intimate detail the disturbing reality of Russia's abortion culture has been released.

"Killing Girls," so named because all the women filmed eventually learned they carried baby girls, is a documentary seven years in the making that discusses the history of abortion in Russia and follows the induced abortions of several young Russian girls. Only one girl in the documentary chooses to keep her daughter.

The film is set in the Center for Family Planning and Reproduction in St Petersburg, where babies are delivered on one floor and aborted on the floor above.

According ot the film, in Russia 80% of women have had at least one abortion. Of these, the average woman has aborted between two and ten times throughout her life, and hundreds of thousands of Russian women each year are permanently stripped of their fertility due to their abortions.

Despite the prevalence of late-term abortion as the country's "birth control" of choice, says the film, the public discussion about abortion is nearly silent.

Youtube clip below:

To view the trailer (WARNING: The trailer contains very graphic nudity and is not suitable for young audiences):

Is this what we want in America??

It is already beginning to happen:
HB 2354, proposed by state House Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie, D-Chicago, states that the government shall not "deny or interfere with an individual's right" to abortion and contraception. The bill would nullify or prevent all common-sense legal restrictions on abortion, including health and safety regulations for abortion facilities, informed consent, and parental notification laws.

Dubbed "Illinois' FOCA (
Freedom of Choice Act)" by pro-life advocates, the bill calls for taxpayer funding of abortion and contraception, and hamstrings the conscience rights of medical personnel who object to abortion or contraception. ....

"If it's enacted, it would authorize any school nurse in any public school to do an abortion without parental knowledge," said Forsythe.

The Illinois Family Institute is calling on constituents to urge House legislators to oppose the bill.

"If this bill is signed into law, Illinois would become a bloody abortion free-for-all," stated the group on its webs.

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