Wednesday, May 13, 2009

100 Days of Change

This is a powerful video that shows what Obama's 100 days of "Change" has done for families in America. It also shows what Obama stated pre-election and what he has actually done.


LUCKY said...

I came across your comment on how tolerance must go both ways and decided to look at your blog.

Your video just shows me how so many people are caught up in Obamunism and fail to see that nothing is really changing other and that career politicians still say one thing when they campaign and another when they get into office say another.

See it's great to get out there and campaign like you're going to start all these programs, help various groups, and promise money to everyone. But that money has to come from somewhere. I know it Socialist Utopia land it magically appears when pixie dust gets snorted by a multicultural unicorn with a PHD in Diversity and Sensitivity. Here in reality land it's everyone with a job paying other people to not get a job.

I posted a video on my Luck's Rants blog that you might find funny about Mr. Obama Man

Have a good day and I look forward to reading more of your blog.

Gayle said...

That video tells a lot. Unfortunately the liberals won't pay any attention until Obama's socialist programs start hitting them where it hurts, in their pocketbooks! Tax time next year ought to do it.

a red voice said...

Thanks for stopping by Lucky & Gayle. The video does tell a lot - I agree. Thanks for the link to your site Lucky - it is a really good blog & I appreciate your insights & thoughts. Life's been busy so I'm not blogging & commenting as often as I use to - but I try to squeeze it in as much as I can.