Saturday, May 30, 2009

Why would anyone want to be a Republican

Why would anyone want to be a Republican (fantastic article!! Here are some excerpts below - click the link to read the entire article... worth the read)

...First off, for those of you who despise Republicans, please realize the Republican party doesn’t divide Americans into categories and then claim to have a big tent because of all the compartments people can fit into. No, instead they truly do have a big welcoming tent that all Americans qualify to fit into regardless of race, class, or sexual preference. The only qualification involved is personal philosophy. Your own choice of personal philosophy, nothing else, is what should determine whether or not you will become a Republican.

The philosophy involves your work ethic, a willingness to pull your own weight and to be the best you can be. Achievement itself is what is appreciated, recognized, and rewarded while, once again, class, sexual preference, and race are ignored as irrelevant. Each individual is rewarded according to his or her contribution, not lumped with a bunch of other individuals and then cookie-cutter labeled as a group that needs special help from the government.

In America, you have the privilege of using yourself to your own advantage. It is liberating, even exhilarating, to know that no laws can stop you from pursuing whatever you choose. Like Thomas Jefferson, a Republican at heart who believed in civic virtue and economic responsibility, his party today celebrates that you can claim your personal power and thumb your nose at measly government handouts. On the other hand, if you wait for favors from the Democrats that you think you are owed, you poison yourself into a helpless situation. You willingly surrender to government power over your destiny. ....

Conservatives love and admire our military. Relatedly, they want our country protected from illegal aliens while encouraging the success of each individual immigrant as long as they learn our language, respect our nation, and obey our laws. Violent crime is intolerable and so they believe in capital punishment for those proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

Most conservatives are charitable; they want to help those who truly need help, believing the private sector and faith-based organizations are more effective in helping the poor than government is. They believe teaching the failing theory of evolution is fair as long as Creationism is taught along with it while liberals simply want to be unfair and only have their side heard. They know their random fish-and-monkey theory cannot win hearts and minds when in competition with the facts of Intelligent Design.

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