Tuesday, January 6, 2009

74 percent increase in number of families teaching own children

Great article the homeschooling boom and why people choose to homeschool:
  • Concern about the school environment, including reasons such as safety, drugs or negative peer pressure – 88 percent
  • A desire to provide religious or moral instruction – 83 percent
  • A dissatisfaction with academic instruction at other schools – 73 percent
  • Nontraditional approach to children's education – or "unschoolers" who consider typical curriculums and standardized testing as counterproductive to quality education – 65 percent
  • Other reasons, such as family time, finances, travel and distance – 32 percent
  • Child has special needs (other than physical or mental health problems) that schools cannot or will not meet – 21 percent
  • Child has a physical or mental health problem – 11 percent

...Research has shown the positive effects of homeschooling through the years. While some critics say teaching children at home may stunt their social growth, studies indicate homeschooled students fare well or better than public and private school students in terms of social, emotional and psychological development.

Additionally, homeschoolers earn higher marks than peers who attend public schools. Academic Leadership, an online journal, cites findings from at least three nationwide studies across the United States and two nationwide studies in Canada."


Miss T.C. Shore said...

Good article; thank you. This increase should be no surprise to anyone who is paying attention to what is happening in our public schools. And now, with Obama at the helm, and with the aid of a Democratic Congress, we can expect the lunacy to get worse. I would anticipate that both home schooling and private, Christian schools will see significant increases over the next few years.

a red voice said...

I agree, Society (which includes children) does better when we have a choice. Public Education has striped away choice and that is why children who are homeschooled or enrolled in private, Christian schools do better.
I would expect a continued increase in homeschooling and private schools over the next few years as well.