Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama's Inauguration

Last week I posted that Fox News reported:

"It is believed President-elect Obama's inauguration will be the costliest in history — around $50 million — despite the recession. President Bush has declared a state of emergency to free up federal funds to help the district cope with the soaring cost of the event."

from Fox News

Okay, so I admit that Fox News was a little off.... the inauguration is going to cost more like $170 million...

"The country is in the middle of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, which isn't stopping rich donors and the government from spending $170 million, or more, on the inauguration of Barack Obama .

IMAGE: Inauguration price tag
Employees at banks, brokerages and Wall Street firms donated $7 million Barack Obama's inauguration.
(ABC News Photo Illustration)

The actual swearing-in ceremony will cost $1.24 million, according to Carole Florman, spokeswoman for the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies.

It's the security, parties and countless Porta-a-Potty rentals that really run up the bill.

The federal government estimates that it will spend roughly $49 million on the inaugural weekend. Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland have requested another $75 million from the federal government to help pay for their share of police, fire and medical services.

And then there is the party bill. ..."

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The media naturally had time to revel in the frivolous, including silly stories related to President-elect Barack Obama, here are some of the celebs giddy comments the media reported on:
  • Actress Gloria Reuben, now in TNT's Raising the Bar and formerly on NBC's ER, will be on hand Tuesday "to watch the magic moment happen" since she yearns for an end to the "hell" of the Bush years. (Screen capture is from Reuben on ABC's This Week in 2006 when she was promoting a play in which she played Condoleezza Rice): "It's a once-in-a-lifetime situation. The last eight years have been such hell. We're all so excited about the hope of things to come. I really think that's part of it. People are so ready to rejoice and celebrate what is hopefully the return of the foundation of the United States."
  • Actor Josh Lucas (I've never heard of him either): "I've been around him and shook his hand. He's a truly scholarly man. I'm very excited that we have this powerful, intelligent, constitutionally brilliant President. I find him very soulful in private."
  • Actress Ashley Judd. "A highlight of her inaugural adventure, of course, is her prime seat for watching Obama be sworn in," USA Today relayed: "My eyes well up just thinking about it....I do think that everyone is hungry and excited for change. But I also think there is a very grave collective awareness of the fact that we're in a real pickle. I can't believe that we've got this incredible President-elect, and he is inheriting, oh my gosh, one crisis after another."
  • Actress Kim Raver, now on NBC's Lipstick Jungle and formerly on Fox's 24: "[Barack Obama's] presence is so larger-than-life. I'm so happy my children have a real hero to look up to....We're in such difficult times right now and it's very hard for so many people, and for a man as intelligent and charismatic to come along and unite this country -- to watch him bring so many people together -- that's really what America is. To be a part of that will be a really remarkable life moment, I think."
  • Actress Maura Tierney, best-known as "Abby Lockhart" on NBC's ER: "I'm calm for the first time in eight years, that somebody is in charge that has such intelligence and grace and is so thoughtful. I feel calm that the country is falling apart, but really that he's in charge now. There's a relief that I feel. After this past administration, I feel really lucky."
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and here some more:

The Thursday article, "Inauguration will be a 'magic moment' for celebs, too," by Donna Freydkin and Olivia Barker:

The Friday story, "Celebs head for D.C., express hopes for a brighter future," by Kelley L. Carter and Arienne Thompson:

Is this what the founding fathers had in mind for the Inaugurations??? spending $170 million??

"In 1801, Thomas Jefferson strolled on foot from his Washington, DC, boarding house to the Capitol, where he was sworn in as president and offered a rousing address to his "friends and fellow-citizens" before returning home in time for dinner. As inaugurations go, it was simplicity itself - and the sort of ceremony of which future presidents could only dream. ...

"Today's inaugurations are about 50 times as elaborate as they used to be," says Paul F. Boller Jr., emeritus professor of history at Texas Christian University and author of the book "Presidential Inaugurations." "The Founding Fathers wanted very much for it to be a dignified occasion and to avoid any smack of royalty or coronation, but it's gradually become more lavish. People think whatever goes on now goes way back, but there's nothing permanent about it."..."
from NYPost

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