Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Saving Babies and Helping Women

Maria Vitale's talked about the enormous disservice abortion is to women, "Thirty-six years after Roe, it's more obvious than ever that women deserve better than abortion, and that true equality means the right of a woman to be free from the pressure of coerced abortion and to have the support to help her bring her baby into the world."

"In the end, a truly compassionate society is one that recognizes the rights of all women, including those yet to be born."

Less than 10% believe abortion should be legal
"Four out of five American adults -- 82 percent -- think abortion should be either illegal under all circumstances or with limited legality, and only nine percent said that abortion should be legal for any reason at any time during pregnancy," she explains.

McQuade contends the results ought to send a message to Washington as the most pro-abortion president America has ever had is about to be sworn into office.

"It shows that the Supreme Court is out of touch with mainstream America," she contends. "It shows that, certainly, [the] pro-abortion advocacy groups are out of touch with mainstream America, even out of touch with people who describe themselves as pro-choice."

Three-fourths favor parents having a role in a minor's attempt to obtain an abortion, and nearly two-thirds support laws against partial-birth abortion."

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