Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Environmental propaganda on children’s network Nickelodeon

more news on indoctrinating our children with Liberal propaganda...

..."It’s not that that Nick has replaced “Sponge Bob” or “Fairly Odd Parents” with adult programming – Nick’s entertainment fare is still fun and silly. It’s that Nick has launched “The Big Green Help,” a multimedia campaign that encourages the network’s young viewers to become junior environmentalists, and major finger-waggers. “Nickelodeon’s Big Green Help is all about helping YOU find simple, positive ways to protect the Earth every day,” explains the home page on Nick’s Web site.

The Big Green Help is filled to the brim with throbbing dance music, bright colors (green most prominent, of course), grinning teen celebrities and feel-good phrases. Nick is indoctrinating kids into the secular cult of environmentalism, and it wants them to indoctrinate you in turn.

Where a Kid can be a Pawn

Nick is a very successful family of kid- and teen-centered channels, part of the MTV Networks owned by media conglomerate Viacom, which claims Nickelodeon is “the most-watched television network by kids in the United States, and basic cable's #1 network overall.”

Nick achieved its success by understanding what kids like and knowing how to convince them to like its wares. Done for profit, this is called marketing and branding. Done for politics, it’s propaganda. The Big Green Help is propaganda. ...

...If kids can be part of the solution, there must be a problem. Obviously, The Big Green Help takes it as a given that a) global warming is real and b) humans are causing it. Nick doesn’t acknowledge on the site or in the ads run continuously on the network the considerable skepticism of and disagreement with these views. That might not sit well with Nick’s partner in the campaign, the radical Natural Resources Defense Council." ....

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