Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Soldiers say they'd leave military if 'gay' ban lifted

Excerpts from an article from OneNewsNow explaining potential problems if the 'gay' ban in the military is lifted. For more information on potential problems with Homosexuals openly serving in the military - read this past post
"The annual survey was conducted by the Military Times, which once again asked active duty personnel if they oppose the effort led by Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher (D-California) to repeal the 1993 law -- Section 654, Title 10 -- which clearly states that open homosexuals are not allowed in the military.

Approximately 58 percent of the respondents indicated that they were in favor of continuing the ban. But Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, is more astonished at the response to a question that had never been asked on that survey before.

"In essence, what would you do if the law is repealed?" she relates that question. "The Military Times found that 10 percent of respondents said they would leave the military, and an additional 14 percent said they would consider ending their careers," she points out. "Now, even if half of those numbers turned out to be an accurate prediction, that would be devastating to our volunteer force. It would pretty much destroy the military as we know it."

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Miss T.C. Shore said...

Destroying the military would likely make most gays extremely happy. While I doubt many of them have any interest in joining, lifting the gay ban in the military remains high on the gay agenda.