Saturday, February 14, 2009

Commentary on the Stimulus Bill

Not the kind of change we need. Keep contacting your congressmen and let them know!!

I belong to a political internet group - called "Stop Political Insanity Now" and I was asked to repost this commentary... Sadly, I agree with everything he stated.

As you may have heard, the Stimulus Bill was passed today. Not one single Republican voted for it. The only reason it passed is because Republican Senators Collins, Snowe, and Specter 'sold out'. I am sure I am not alone in my fury. Before a call to action, I am going to take a moment to outline this abomination, that is now going to be the bane of this Obama Nation. First, Pelosi comes on TV and profuously praises Obama for 'being the kind of President that in just 2 short weeks has manged to put togther the largest economic stimulus package in the history of mankind". He is being praised for SPEED?? When spending more money single-handedly; when what should have been the most carefully thought out endevour ever to face this country; he is praised for speed? That is insane! What follows is this economic stimulus package in thumbnail review:

1. The CBO said it would not work. The CBO is a non-partisan advisory branch of the government, set up solely for the independent analysis of economic risk-assessment.

2. The reason why this was so fast is because it had literally nothing to do with the current economic situation. What this bill is, is nothing more then every Democrats wet dream. They merely had to reach up on the shelf, pull out their wish list, and cut and paste it into the main document. All of these things were conceived long before there ever was an economic crises. In order to pander this package as an economic stimulus plan, they merely tacked on 27% worth of ill-named tax cuts, giving a few crumbs to the people. Forget for the moment that these are not tax-cuts, they are merely a one time hand-out.

3. The final draft was over 1,000 pages long and was not printed until after 12 midnight last night, and was forced to be voted upon by 7am this morning. Not one single person has read this Bill in it's entirety. That these people could commit us people to a financial debt that will burden us for decades to come, without so much as even having the time to read the Bill, is indicative of how little concern there truly is for the American people.

4. Let us not forget that the etiological path of the current economic melt-down can be traced right back to the laps of Franks and Dodds. Mr Twiddely DeeDee and his cohort in crime, Mr Twiddely DumbDumb. These two clowns could not even reconcile their own checkbook. Yet, in the infinite wisdom of BOTH adminstrations, funds are managed by the same two people that mismanaged their positions in the first place. What did DeeDee and DumbDumb do? They overspent by 78 billion dollars. They made almost a 25% error with the first 350 billion. And now, for the third time, they will be Chairs of the oversight Committees that are responsible for the next 787 billion. This is like asking the man that (theoretically) raped my daughter, to be her babysitter when I am out of town!

5. To those members of my team that have been assigned compiling the lists of corporate financial contributors to Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodds, and Obama, add to this list the contributors to Snowe, Collins, and Specter.

6. Once this is all compiled and converted, I would like each and every Member at large to publish this list on TS (and any of the small groups you may belong too)..and we will also post to ALL 4,500 of our media contacts found in the Media Team library, Grassfire, NRA , Heritage Foundation, and pretty much everywhere else we can think of. I will compose a memo that calls for the boycott of these companies.

7. I am writing the RNC and encourage all of you to do so as well, to request that come the 2010 elections, that Snowe, Collins, and Specter be removed from the Republican Party. Irrespective of what the RNC does, their removal fro office is also going to be our priority.

If you are not aware, this stimulus package is the precursor to Socialized Medicine, the subversion of the 2nd Amendment (if not in wording, certainly by action by the way they will re-write the registration laws, and now they will have the databases to back up compliancy), and in addition, the precursor to the EFCA. These are the final and irreversible nails in America's coffin. We MUST act NOW!