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The Ugly Side of Abortion

I seem to be mainly posting information on prolife this week. No particular reason really, I just read several articles that were shocking and sad...

Here are some articles that show some of the reasons why abortion clinics are "ugly" places (ugly is not really an accurate word, but I honestly don't have the words to describe it really)...

Abortion is not the "safe" procedure it is touted as being. Complications are common, and under-reported. Many women have died from uterine perforations, lacerations, blood loss, infections, blood clots, and other complications.

sorry - these are just some ugly stories...

Why bring these stories up?? - because pro-choicers don't always see the ugly side, it is buried and hidden. It is important that the truth be known, in order to fight this evil.

Former Patient, Rape Victim, Accuses Abortion Practitioner of Forced Abortion
Jennifer McCoy 16-years old in 1988 when she discovered that she was pregnant, news that she welcomed since she believed that she was in love with her baby's father. She had no thought of abortion because she believed it was wrong.

However, the baby's father was her 39-year old high school ROTC teacher who was married and had a family of his own, including a daughter that was Jennifer's age. Their relationship qualified as statutory rape.

Jennifer's mother found out about the relationship, but instead of reporting her daughter's sexual abuse to the authorities, she called the teacher and threatened to expose him if he did not help her persuade Jennifer to have an abortion.

Jennifer was taken by her rapist to one of Hodari's clinics in Southgate under the pretense of receiving prenatal care. "I didn't even know what an abortion clinic was," she said.

Once at the clinic, she was asked to sign some papers. She signed all the parts related to medical care, but refused to sign anything that discussed abortion. "That's not why I'm here," she repeatedly told the clinic staff.

Jennifer was then given an ultrasound examination. She asked to see her baby, but her request was refused. "It really isn't necessary," she was told.

She was placed in an examination room, and after a long wait, Hodari entered the room. She told him that she was just there for an exam. She had been told by the clinic staff that she had to get an exam in order to determine how far along she was.

"He told me, 'If you change your mind, then we can do whatever else you decide you want to do,'" she said.

Hodari began the exam. "Then all of a sudden I was in excruciating pain," Jennifer recalled. "I tried to sit up, and I heard a machine turn on, like a vacuum, and I realized what was going on."

"I tried to get up from the table. I actually tried to sit up, and he pushed me back down on the table and told me if I moved I could die. It would be over in five minutes and I could go on with my life. I was scared to death at that point that what he said was true, and so all I could do is lay there and cry."

"And when it was over I remember being taken by a nurse into another room where I was crying violently, and I remember her saying, 'Did you do everything you thought you could?' I then remember throwing something at her because I could not believe that she would say something to me when there was nothing I could do from that point on."

Hodari had forced an abortion on this unsuspecting teenager, then handed her back into the hands of her rapist.

Abortionists Butcher More Than Babies
This is only one of thousands of women and girls who have been gravely wounded or killed during "safe and legal" abortions in the United States of America.... .

James M. Long performed the [baby's] assasination but during the procedure, the girl reacted to the anesthesia. She went into cardiac arrest.

The clinic had no "crash cart" and was not prepared to deal with the emergency. Paramedics were called and they were able to restart the girl's heart, but her brain had suffered oxygen depravation and she was permanently brain damaged.

"Today, although she has recovered some speech and cognitive abilities, she still requires 24 hour medical care.

There you have a recitation of the events involved in a typical botched abortion. Multiply that story by thousands of times and you will begin to get actual insight into what the "safe and legal" abortions have wrought among the women and girls who have exercised their "choice" to butcher their babies.

Botched abortion kills both mother & baby
This is the story about an incredibly loving young girl named Christin. A very active high-school graduate and a beloved member of her softball team and community, she was sweet beyond the norm as so often is the case for children with her diagnosis. She had Down syndrome...

. ..Specifically, the records show that 80-90 percent of all children diagnosed with DS are killed. One tragedy to this statistic beyond the obvious taking of life is that waiting lists of people exist to adopt these children. These deaths are a great loss not only to the mother and family, but society as a whole.

...Sadly, Chrisitin's luck unexpectedly ran out this past year when she was not only sexually assaulted in January of this year, but remarkably became pregnant. No one seems sure of the occurrence that young women diagnosed with DS become pregnant. According to the experts I consulted, the numbers are likely too rare for an official count. One thing is sure, of those becoming pregnant, complications are likely to exist.

In Christin's case, she was taken by her family at 28 weeks pregnant to Wichita, Kan., to the infamous abortion clinic of Dr. George Tiller. At that time, a drug was administered to kill the baby and another drug to open the cervix for delivery or removal of the dead baby. After starting the procedure, which normally takes 3-4 days, Christin was sent to a local hotel to begin her labor.

Somewhat surprisingly, she returned to the clinic the next day, the abortion procedure was completed and she was once again told to return to her hotel room. Immediately her condition began to deteriorate. When she returned to the clinic, her symptoms were misdiagnosed as dehydration. She was given an IV and again sent back to her hotel where she began having episodes of vomiting and unconsciousness. She was advised to return to the clinic where she became unresponsive. By this time Christin was in serious trouble. According to one doctor who reviewed her autopsy report, she was "bleeding and oozing from every orifice of her body."

A clinic employee called 911. More worried abut the clinics image than Christin, she begged the dispatcher to turn off the lights or sirens of the ambulance. The ambulance arrived and took Christin to the emergency room at Wesley Medical Center, but it was too late. Christin died. According to the medical examiner's report, her horrifying and painful death was a direct result of the abortion. What's worse, it could have been prevented if not for the misdiagnosis and slow response of clinic staff.

I really must wonder how much she understood of what was happening to her during those painful and frightening hours and days leading to her death and the death of her baby. But without any coverage from the news, no outcry from her parents or the public, Christin is now dead. This sweet and precious little girl was sexually assaulted, her baby was killed (likely without her consent) then she herself suffered and died a brutal and painful end.

God help us for not protecting the most precious and vulnerable among us. I can only repeat the questions asked by Sen. Brownback: "What does that do to us? What does that say about us?"

A botched abortion in mother’s own words
The mother of a baby ‘born alive’ and hidden on the roof of a Hialeah clinic tells her side of the story.

“When I saw that happen, I jumped off the chair and turned away, facing the wall,” Williams said.

Shanice’s body slid on the blood and amniotic fluids into the rear corner of the recliner because she was still attached to Williams by the umbilical cord. “When I jumped off I pulled her like into the back of the chair because she was still attached,” she said.

According to Williams and the lawsuit, the receptionist and the staff began screaming and rushing, trying to figure out what to do. Williams said she stood against the wall, glancing in horror at her newborn baby. “She wasn’t moving much. Twitching, gasping for air. She wasn’t crying though, just hissing. Hissing sounds only.”

The sight of a fully formed baby was a complete surprise to Williams.

“I thought it would be a blob thing, but bigger, not a baby,” she said. “She looked like a Water Baby. Like those dolls you fill up with water. She was really little, like this,” she said, holding her hands about 12 inches apart.

(Water Babies are sold in stores such as Toys ”R” Us. A product description on the Toys ”R” Us online store reads, “Water Babies are water-filled dolls that replicate the warmth, weight and feel of a real baby.”)

According to the lawsuit and Williams’ recollection, Gonzalez, the clinic’s owner, who has no health care licensing, came into the waiting room, cut the umbilical cord, and scooped Shanice’s body into a red biohazard bag, sealed it and tossed it into a trash can.

Williams said she was in shock. “It felt like a dream,” she said....

“They never said anything to me that would make me think it was a baby. They never said anything like baby, fetus. Nothing. They only said things like ‘termination’ and ‘pregnancy’ and ‘termination of pregnancy,’” she said. “They cheated me because they didn’t tell me everything and the doctor wasn’t there.”

She said the staff’s reaction to the live birth made her feel disrespected. “They tried to make it look like this was my fault. Like I asked for this. … They wouldn’t admit to me the whole time something went wrong,” she said. “I feel like they treated me like nothing, like a nobody.”...

She said she and other post-abortive women need love, support and family. She also has changed her mind about abortion.

“No one should lose their life if you get pregnant,” she said. “If I got pregnant again I would have the baby.”

Her advice to women in unplanned or crisis pregnancies is to make abortion their last option, if at all. “I would tell them not to do it. I’ll say whatever to make them have second thoughts so they don’t do it,” she said. “There is help out there.”

Other Botched Abortions:

"We have found that sometimes, the very people who claim to have a woman's best interest at heart, have anything but," Nelson said. "After the deaths of Chivon Williams, Regina Johnson, and Tamia Russell, we united and decided that we can't wait any longer. The list must stop here!"

Details of the abortion deaths are shocking:

· Tamia Russell was only 15 years old in January of 2004 when her 26 year old boyfriend paid Hodari $2,000 in cash to abort her baby at over 26 weeks gestation. She died less than 24 hours after obtaining an abortion at Womancare of Southfield/Lathrup Village. Her guardian was unaware she was pregnant, and had no knowledge of the abortion - until it was too late.

· Chivon Williams received a suction abortion by Hodari at an unknown clinic. An hour and forty minutes later, she was discharged even though she was complaining of pain in her stomach and chest. Soon after she arrived at her home, she "became unresponsive." At 5:17, on the same day as the abortion, she was pronounced dead.

· Regina Johnson received an abortion by Hodari, after which she suffered respiratory and cardiac arrest. Because the clinic staff failed to help her or call for an ambulance, she was deprived of oxygen for an extended time. She died a short time later.

· A 17-year old woman died after in October, 2007, after an abortion at Womancare of Downriver/Southgate. Her family had no idea she was pregnant.

Nelson's web site documents a whopping 49 lawsuits against Hodari and/or his abortion clinics. Descriptions of botched abortions read like the script of a horror movie. The following are just a small sampling:

· Hodari committed an abortion on a non-pregnant woman, perforating her uterus. She required surgery to repair the injury.

· One woman received a D&C abortion after which she suffered severe abdominal pain and nausea. Her repeated calls to the clinic were ignored. Two weeks later she was hospitalized where it was discovered that the abortion had perforated her uterus and small bowel. She required reconstructive surgery and remained hospitalized for two weeks.

· Hodari performed two "abortions" on a woman within one week's time, telling her that her abortion was "successful" on the second try. Eight days later, the woman landed in the hospital suffering from a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy that Hodari had failed to properly diagnose. Other cases also list Hodari's failure to diagnose ectopic pregnancies, placing women's lives in jeopardy.

· A woman received an abortion from Hodari in her 17th week of pregnancy. Her blood pressure dropped and her uterus was packed with hopes of slowing the bleeding. It took five hours for Hodari to answer his staff's calls for help. Then, instead of calling an ambulance, Hodari loaded her into his SUV for her emergency trip to the hospital where it was discovered that her injuries included a perforated uterus with right broad ligament dissection, and retroperitoneal hematoma. She required reconstructive surgery, removal of damaged fallopian tube and ovary, and blood transfusions.

· After a botched saline abortion, a 27 week baby boy weighing 1lb. 13oz, and measuring 13 ½ inches in length was born alive. Due to the toxic saline used in the attempted abortion, he suffered respiratory distress, sustained brain injury, and suffered other severe bodily injuries and burns.

According to a 2006 study as many as 68,000 women each year die as a result of botched abortion procedures and another 5 million develop infections and complications.

The data collated from hospitals and abortion provider clinics shows that each year, about 19 million unsafe abortions were taking place annually and this figure includes legal as well as "backstreet" abortion clinics where the medical procedures and implements were often faulty....

The study was funded by the pro-abortion Hewlett Foundation and is published in The Lancet
Women Die from Abortion!
Read the stories of 347 women who died because of an abortion procedure.

Read the SHOCKING story of an 18 year old girl who died
after having an abortion she was pressured into by a social worker!

Rates of death of women who have an abortion: One out of every 6,000 women who have an abortion after 21 weeks gestation die. One out of every 166,000 abortions ends in death. Just under one out of every 100 abortions has a serious complication [Source: AGI, 1998. Note: These figures may be low due to under-reporting of deaths due to abortions.]

Read about more abortion deaths

RU486 is a pill given to women early in their pregnancy to end the pregnancy. Is RU486 safe? Several women have died from complications, including hemorrhaging, infections, heart/lung problems, allergic reactions, and emotional/psychological reactions. Read the facts about RU486 here.

Holly Patterson, 18, died September 17, 2003 in Pleasanton, CA

Patterson died at a local hospital one week after receiving the chemical abortion drug, mifepristone (also known as RU-486), from a Planned Parenthood affiliate. She was seven weeks pregnant. Patterson's father says a doctor at the hospital told him that she died from "septic shock and a massive systemic infection as a result of not expelling all of her fetus."
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is investigating her death.
Behind the Holly Patterson Story

It truly is a sad story. Let the truth be known.


Mel said...

People honestly do not see that in killing the unborn that also women are being harmed on every level of their being.

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I have set my Google 'alerts' to send me emails on Planned Parenthood and other abortion related stories. More and more I am seeing stories of botched abortions, babies born alive after a botched abortion, and women left with permanent health problems. Keep up the good work.


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thousands of women and girls who have been gravely wounded or killed during "safe and legal" abortions in the United States of America....

A fact rarely mentioned!

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Frankly speaking, singapore hospitals are very high tech and advanced now. I believe it's on par with other world class hospitals in the developed nations