Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sharing the Pro-Life Message

I got this little booklet about a week ago and I've already relied on it as I conversed with someone (pro-choice) about several issues. It is important to be armed with the facts. Really, it is such a wonderful reference to have. I recommend it to every Pro-Life individual. Only when you have the facts and the truth can this lie of abortion be overcome. Overcome evil, falsehoods, and hatred with good, truth, and love.

Cover of "Sharing the Pro-Life Message", a pro-life handbook

The Pro-Life Action League proudly announces the release of Sharing the Pro-Life Message, a new pro-life handbook that will arm you with the facts, figures and reasoned arguments you need to share the truth about abortion with compassion and conviction.

League Communications Director Eric Scheidler declares, "If you've ever had to explain or defend the pro-life message to a friend, family member, co-worker or even a complete stranger, you need this handbook."

Scheidler says that the Pro-Life Action League is so conviced of the power of this pro-life tool that copies are being given away for free. "Any pro-lifer in the U.S. or Canada can order a copy of Sharing the Pro-Life Message at"