Monday, February 16, 2009

Tax Time

Well, I gotta take a little time off from blogging & reading and do something President Obama's nominees don't do... organize the books of our small business and PAY MY TAXES...

Here's a Brief Summary of some of Obama's nominees:

Here is your exclusive American Future Fund Scorecard: The Tax Cheat Edition!


Poor Tom was forced to withdraw his nomination when it was discovered that he failed to pay over $100,000 in back taxes for unreported income, including his limo and driver. Further complications ensued when it was discovered he may have serious conflicts concerning fees he accepted from health care interests.



The recently-confirmed Treasury Secretary was looking at smooth sailing until the recent debacles, and now columnist Larry Kudlow says he should immediately step down. Geithner, if you’ll remember, was the first tax-evader bombshell, with thousands in back taxes owed. He finally paid them once he was nominated for the post. This, from the man who now heads the IRS.



Solis was nominated as Labor Secretary and appeared headed for confirmation until just minutes before she was to appear at a committee meeting, it was canceled. We then learned that her husband failed to pay thousands in tax liens – some that were 16 years old!



Mr. Panetta actually appears to have no tax issues. However, his problems stem from the businesses that used taxpayer bailout dollars, then paid Panetta for his services. That’s right – part of Panetta’s $700 THOUSAND dollar salaries came from institutions bailed out using your tax dollars. Additionally, he also spoke to the Carlyle Group, which has interests in defense spending – further complicating the case for this would-be Central Intelligence Agency head.



The first-ever appointed “Performance Czar,” and deputy OMB director was forced to withdraw her name this week over nonpayment of taxes as well. While overshadowed to a certain extent, the issue proved all the more pressing when looking at Obama’s nominees, causing an oversized impact.



RightKlik said...

April 15 would be a lot easier for me if I could become one of Obama's democrat buddies.

Susannah said...

Hi Red Voice~ I think I found you @ DD2's blog or some such. Just perusing your blog, I believe we're very much on the same page. I'm curious, though, which blue state are you in? Mine? NC, which has almost always been red until the barest of margins this past time. Hard to believe my blog could be titled the same as yours. UGH! Check it out sometime if you like. Also, I have a friend, Mary, who writes a few different blogs: one is Christian lit. reviewing, but the other is strictly on pro-life issues. Don't remember that blog address, but I'll skip back to my blog list & return w/ the address. You might be encouraged by her perspective (or you may already know her!). Keep up the good work!

Susannah said...

Just heard back from Mary. Take a look @ her blog or her book review blog will give you a link too (profile section)


Always On Watch said...

Today BHO bragged about the tax cuts he's providing. Big deal. $65/month for most Americans, and even for those who don't pay taxes.

Lorna said...

Well, Red Voice, you can add Burris to your growing list now. He may soon be gone.

Another red voice in a blue state (California)


a red voice said...

Hi Susannah - Sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you- (I'm in the midst of finishing my taxes) - we have a small corporation & I am the bookkeeper so it takes me a bit longer to get everything in order.... almost finished (Yay!)..
I'm in Washington and sadly it is very blue & I'm very near Portland, Oregon which is sadly very blue too. Thanks for your blog addresses - I will check yours and Mary's out as well.

Lorna - thanks for coming by & visiting - I will check out your blog too... always looking great blogs to read & learn from!!

Always on watch - whoooo hoooo I might get $65 more a month - what a wonderful way for BHO to stimulate the economy - with the way inflation will take off from the porkulous - the $65 will probably end up only being worth $6.50

RightKlik - I agree It would be a lot easier! - we should all follow the example of our new leaders and not pay taxes. I'm not being represented at all in my state -so what's the saying "no taxation without representation".