Tuesday, February 10, 2009

-FYI How did your Senators vote?

Yesterday, three Republican Senators joined the Democrats in moving the Spendulus bill through the first major voting hurdle... the 60-threshold vote to invoke cloture.

The Three Republicans who put the Democrats over 60 votes are:

Sen. Arlen Specter (PA): (202) 224-4254

Sen. Susan Collins (ME): (202) 224-2523

Sen. Olympia Snowe (ME): (202) 224-5344

"[Sens.] Specter, Collins and Snowe sold out their 38 GOP colleagues and every Republican member of the House by cutting a deal and giving Harry Reid the 60 votes he needed for this 'trillion dollar turkey' to go through. In doing so, they not only assured the socialist-Democrats now running the country a huge and expensive political and legislative victory, but they stopped dead in its tracks the momentum Republicans had been successfully building with the American people against this proposal. Why, oh why, did we ever stop the practice of tar-and-feathering?" --columnist Chuck Muth

Go here to see how your Senators voted yesterday:


If this stimulus isn't clearly a partisan politics, I don't know what is?? What happened of Obama's promise to be bipartisan ?

RNC Chair debates with DNC Chair about the porkulous plan


Always On Watch said...

I don't even have to check the votes of my two Senators: Jim Webb and Mark Warner. Both are Obamabots.

a red voice said...

Both of mine are too :(

a red voice said...

but I keep writing them & calling them.