Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nurse suspended for offering to pray

Sad, Sad World... when a woman can get suspended from her job for offering to prayer, not saying a prayer, but just offering. If someone doesn't believe in the power of prayer, then simply decline. Why must the atheist require that everyone else to conform to their non-belief? Why is just offering offensive????

I had Lasik surgery on my eyes almost 8 years ago. The surgeon I went to was Jewish (I am not Jewish). He offered to pray before the surgery as this is something he prefers to do before all of his surgeries. He does many surgeries daily, and he's a very skilled and experienced surgeon, but none the less he relies on God for guidance, inspiration, and assistance. He told me that if a patient objects, then he won't pray. This was the first time a doctor had ever offered to do this for me. I was so touched and impressed. I appreciated the prayer as I had said many prayers in the morning (myself) before coming in for surgery. It didn't matter to me that he was Jewish (and not Christian). Should I have been offended because he offered me a "Jewish" prayer and I am a Christian and don't believe exactly the same as he does? I think not. That is just silly. You don't need to have exactly the same beliefs of every little religious detail to come together and pray for a common purpose. & If you don't believe in prayer (a difference of of belief), then should one be offended because someone offers to pray? I think not.

I don't smoke or drink. Yet, every time I go to a restaurant, the waiters or waitresses offer me wine. Should I be offended? Should those waiters/waitresses be suspended from work for offering me something that I don't believe in or use??? I think not. What a crazy world...

excerpts from World Net Daily: Woman offers to ask God's help to heal patient, gets suspended

"A Christian nurse in Britain may soon be fired for offering to pray for her patients' recovery.

Caroline Petrie has been suspended and faces disciplinary action because her employer claims she failed to show a "personal and professional commitment to equality and diversity" when she suggested the prayer, the London Telegraph reported.

Petrie, 45, a wife and mother of two, is a community nurse who works for North Somerset Primary Care Trust. As part of her job, she visits patients who are sick and elderly. Petrie said she never forced her Christian beliefs on any of her patients but simply asked if an elderly woman would appreciate the blessing.

"I simply couldn't believe that I have been suspended over this," she told the Telegraph. "I knew I hadn't done anything wrong. All I am trying to do is help my patients, many of whom want me to pray for them."

Petrie visited the elderly woman, a resident in Winscombe, North Somerset, in December.

"It was around lunchtime and I had spent about 20 to 25 minutes with her," the nurse said. "I had applied dressings to her legs and shortly before I left I said to her: 'Would you like me to pray for you?'"

The patient said, "No, thank you." ....

The nurse told the Telegraph that she has been a Christian since she was only 10 – following her mother's tragic death from breast cancer.

"My faith is very important to me," she said. ...

"My concern is for the person as a whole, not just their health," she said. "I was told not to force my faith on anyone but I could respond if patients themselves brought up the subject [of religion]."

In the most recent incident, the elderly woman claims she was not insulted by the gesture, but that she is concerned other patients might take offense."

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Mel said...

Yikes!!! I prefer healthcare workers that pray...

This whole squashing of religious freedom in the name of diversity stinks!!