Saturday, October 25, 2008

ACORN - Voter Fraud

Excerpts from:
ACORN Submitted ‘Thousands and Thousands of Phony’ Voter Registrations, County Registrar Says
Wednesday, October 22, 2008
By Josiah Ryan, Staff Writer

"( – The Association for Community Reform Now (ACORN) submitted nearly 90,000 voter registration applications to the registrar’s office in Clark County, Nev., this year, among which were “thousands and thousands and thousands of phony and duplicate applications” that ACORN did not mark as suspicious, Larry Lomax, Clark Country registrar of voters, told

Matthew Henderson, ACORN’s regional director for Southwest Nevada, however, said that a few duplicate and falsified forms may have slipped through ACORN’s vetting. But the group turned in between 3,000 and 4,000 tagged registration forms, Henderson said, and there is little evidence to support Lomax’s allegations that they missed “thousands.”

“It is very accurate to say the majority of falsified ballots had not been tagged,” Lomax told “They claim they registered 90,000 new voters, but that is certainly not true. They may have turned in 90,000 cards, but in that were thousands and thousands and thousands of phony and duplicate applications. It was a pathetic effort.

Meanwhile, investigations involving ACORN have also been launched in 12 of the other 21 states where the organization says it has gathered a total 1.32 million voter registration applications this year.

Allegations against ACORN include a voter registration application for a “Mickey Mouse” living in Orlando; a man in Ohio who has testified that he was offered cigarettes and cash to apply for 73 voter cards; and 10 applications to vote for a deceased woman in Missouri."

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