Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why Not Gay Marriage?

"What happens if these Marriage Amendments do not pass?

If they do not pass, then the institution of marriage remains vulnerable in these states to the national movement of homosexual activists who are working to redefine it. In Florida, the Supreme Court will go through a major transformation, with 4 new justices being appointed out of the sitting 7 justices in less than 6 months. With the new make up of the court, there is no way to know how the court would rule on a case challenging marriage laws. What happened in California and Massachusetts could easily happen in any state – with the court overturning the law protecting marriage and imposing same-sex marriage on the rest of society. This will require schools to begin teaching that homosexual marriages are equal to marriages between a man and a woman. Public schools will be forced to teach young children that two men being intimate are just the same as a husband and wife.

Isn’t a ban on gay marriage like bans on interracial marriage?

Bans on interracial marriage were about keeping two races apart so that one race could oppress the other. Marriage is about bringing two sexes together, so that children get the unique love and nurture of both a mom and a dad. Having a parent of two different races is just not the same as being deprived of your mother—or your father. Race and ethnicity are not inherent properties of marriage. Gender on the other hand is an inherent property of marriage.

What about gay partners who want to visit each other in the hospital?

Homosexual couples already have a right to sign contracts and do proper estate planning. The Marriage Amendment has no affect on citizens to acquire these personal legal agreements.

What would be the harm of allowing gay marriage? How can “Adam and Steve” hurt your marriage?

The real question is how will same-sex marriage affect all of society? No society ancient or modern has ever sustained itself with a buffet like mentality when it comes to marriage and family. Same-sex marriage will subject children to a vast untested social experiment. A loving and civilized society always comes to the aid of fatherless and motherless families. But a loving and civilized society never intentionally creates fatherless and motherless families as a matter of law and public policy.

Are you saying gays cannot be good parents?

Two men might each be a good father, but neither can be a mother. The ideal for children is the love and nurturing of both a mom and a dad. No same-sex couple can provide that. So the question becomes, which parent is not important for a child, a mom or a dad?

Marriage is a foundational institution in our society that provides many benefits to the public good. Redefining marriage would hurt children and lead to further problems in our communities. The resources below offer solid reasons for defending marriage and protecting the definition between one man and one woman.

Thousands of social science research studies over the past 40 years in peer reviewed journals all demonstrate that children always do better in every category when raised in the context of a married mother and father. Click here for just a sampling of this voluminous research. "

For more resources, click here

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