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Can a Good Mormon be a Liberal Democrat?

I found this quote:
“In February 1974 Apostle Ezra Taft Benson was asked during an interview if a good Mormon could also be a liberal Democrat. Benson replied: ‘I think it would be very hard if he was living the gospel and understood it'.”

This may be opening a can of worms, but I found some very good explanations for this question: "Can A good Mormon be a liberal Democrat?"
I didn't write the post so don't send me your hate mail. But it does give the liberal Democrat Mormon something to think about.

The post is copied below. Post from and for more info See:

Author: Freemarketcoug
Date: Sep 24, 12:00am
Category: Political Discussion

"There is no inherent problem being a Democrat and a Mormon. Elder Faust and Elder Jensen can attest to that. The early Church was solidily Democrat, primarily due to Republican support for ending polygamy. The majority of the Church aligned with the Republican party during President Grant's tenure, due primarily to prohibition and opposition to social programs like Social Security. President Grant said from the pulpit that "no worthy Latter-day Saint would ever take a pension" (regarding Social Security). For many years members were encouraged to send their checks back to the government. Anyway, I digress.

Point #1- Right-wingers are obsessed by money. I would say that the obsession with money is a non-partisan issue. The difference is whether money should be obtained by production (Republican concept) or by confiscation (Democrat). Money is a tool of exchange. We exchange something of lessor value (money) for something of greater value (goods, services, etc). You might rephrase point #1 to say: "Republicans are obsessed with value-added production." I would say this is more in line with gospel principles than the opposite. The Savior blessed the servants that wisely turned a profit on their money (or talents) and condemned to hades the servant that buried his talent. The Savior recognized and taught the value of investment and production, so did Joseph Smith.

Point #2- Republicans hate the enviroment. Compare the environment in the US to any third world country. Prosperity leads to greater stewardship of the planet. Just because Republicans don't fall prey to junk science, doesn't mean that they hate the environment. 30 years ago we were on the brink of a global ice age, now it's warming. Who is putting their faith in man and his science?

Point #3- National Security. President Kimball was right that all the nuclear missles in the world wouldn't protect us nearly as much as faithful obedience to the Gospel. But National Security is the one fundamental purpose of government. Education is primarily the responsibility of parents, social programs tend to create dependencies, and humanitarianism destroys third world economies creating neverending dependencies. President Benson said that professional do-gooders have inflicted more harm on the world than all the rapists, murderers and warmongers combined.

Point #4- Spending on the poor. King Benjamin didn't advocate the confiscation of property by the government and redistribution to the poor. He believed as Republicans believe, that is in private charity and individual action. States that vote Republican spend more per capita on donations to the poor. Democrats would rather have the government assume what is their personal moral obligation. The problem with social spending is in taxation. D&C 134 clearly endorses property rights. A man's income is 100% his income. The involuntary confiscation of income amounts to theft, or as Pres. Benson said "legal plunder". Abinadi condemned King Noah's 20% income tax. I wonder what he would say today.

Regardless, I think the 45 million abortions since 1973 would be sufficient to reject the Democratic platform."

I especially agree with that point, how are you going to face God in the end and explain your support of this abominable sin. By supporting 'pro-choice' legislation you are saying that you agree that it is OK for millions of babies to be killed each year, whether or not you are the one that is doing it. It is a practice that not only kills babies but hurts, damages, and scars the women who do this.

Here is some more information below for the Liberal Mormon Democrat to think about. I, again, didn't write this, so don't send me hate mail. Selected quotes below are taken from:
Mormon, shmormon
Democratic party and LDS faith like oil and water
by Marianne M. Jennings
Arizona Republic, Nov. 28, 2004, V3

"Liberal Democrat Mormons often state: "Being a Democrat does not mean I support every aspect of the Democratic Party's national platform. It's the party's platform, not my platform."
Democrats who claim membership in the Mormon Church embrace a political party that howls about choice when Republicans propose just a compromise to ban the barbaric practice of partial-birth abortion.
The judges, activists and members of Congress seeking to expand the definition of marriage to one of "between two persons" are of this party. That view is in direct contravention to the church's "Proclamation on the Family."
The Democrats party's NEA has indoctrinated children in public schools with godlessness, banishing prayer and then even the mention of terms such as Christmas and Easter.
This party, with its "Great Society," enslaved generations in a welfare system that robbed them of their dignity. Such a welfare system runs contra to church principles of self-sufficiency.
The superior welfare system of the Mormon Church, which thrives because it employs embarrassing Republican principles of work and private - yea, private - not public, funding.
How convenient to enjoy the world's acceptance with the trite, "Life begins at conception, but I believe in a woman's right to choose."
The Mormon Church does not take political positions, and wisely so. It teaches correct principles and relies confidently on its members to govern themselves.
We, Republican Mormon can support our party AND its platform.
Choose ye this day whom ye will serve. But you can't have it both ways. You are free to choose the Dems, but don't expect us to appease your conscience by joining with you.
Absolute truths and eternal principles are not just for Sundays. They matter in life. They matter more in politics."


Anonymous said...

I commend your blog and your honesty.

Here is someone who has a different point of view and loves to play jury, judge, and victim all the time. She also personifies someone trying their hardest to be a "liberal Mormon".

Have a swell day.

a red voice said...

Thanks for the comment & for the link... it is always interesting for me to get into the head of a "liberal Mormon" or "liberal Christian" and try to understand how they can justify their liberal views in supporting abortion and opposing the ban on partial birth abortion and any other common-sense limitations on abortion, & how the support same sex marriage when clearly the bible doesn't teach that, & how they support taking God out of our society, & how they support socialism which takes our freedoms away. (just to name a few)