Friday, October 31, 2008

Where do you draw the line?

If gay marriage is OK - What about three men getting married? What about four or five of them getting married? Marriage should be for anyone who loves each other. It is a well known fact that gay men are typically not monogamous - so suppose three or four of them want to get together. Why keep the definition of marriage limited to two, that is not fair to those who love more than one person.

And if homosexual men can marry more than one, then it should be alright for anyone to have multiple wives and husbands. Let's reintroduce polygamy back into our society. It is not fair to all the polygamist that have been hiding and doing this in isolation. Let them come out and we should all embrace their lifestyle too - very discriminatory, if we don't, right?? If we want to have a "live and let live" policy then we can't say yes to homosexuals - but no to polygamist.

And what about brothers and sisters getting married, or brothers and brothers getting married? If they love each other and want to spend and commit the rest of their lives together - why should we stop them. If we want to have "live and let live" policy - then we need to be fair. If we want to change what marriage means for one group of people then if other groups want to change it - we have to be fair and let them change the definition too.

Watch the video below and see what supporter of same-sex marriages have to say about the other kinds of marriage? hmmmm - do you think they are being a bit discriminatory?? Think about it.

Where do we draw the line???

Let's keep the traditional definition of marriage. Vote Yes for Marriage - one man and one woman!

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