Friday, October 31, 2008

Information about Obama ...

This is a series of ten VERY interesting videos - that you MUST watch them before you go to the voting polls. These videos contains facts that you may have not been aware of or may have not seen before.
Ask yourself these questions:
What exactly has Obama accomplished as a congressman?
What experience does he have in ANY executive position?
Does experience matter or is 143 days enough?
Can hope defeat terrorism?
Who EXACTLY are his friends? - terrorist - Can we ignore that?
Who has helped him get where he is?
Is he patriotic, does he love America?
Is he racist against whites and Jews? - he embraces black liberation theology-
Why won't Obama produce his birth certificate or records? - that's an easy task-
Did you know that he was a citizen of Indonesia? - which doesn't allow dual citizenship-
Did you know Obama publicly supported Odinga in Kenya and Odinga's rise to power? - now people are dead in Kenya because of Odinga-
Why does Obama support infanticide and oppose legislation to protect these living babies?
Did you know Obama is elected he would cut our defense budget? -and Biden also warned us that we would have a international crisis because of it-
Where does Obama stand on foreign affairs? - as he keeps changing his mind-

Imagine if John McCain had this background. These are facts we can't ignore.

PLEASE pick the better of the two now that you have some facts.

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