Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quotes and Votes - Help in Voting!

Alert your friends to the "Quotes and Votes" online version--
Over the next week, undecided voters by the millions will be spending untold hours scouring the web--searching for information about the candidates.

These folks needn't spend hours wading through the political spin attempting to find a sliver of information that could help them make up their minds in this election.

I need you to help me reach these people, and steer them to the only comprehensive, non-partisan voter resource available...

..the "Quotes and Votes" online version:

click here to go the the online version of Quotes & Votes

Thank you in advance for alerting your friends, family, congregation and community group to "Quotes and Votes" online initiative. With your continued help over this next week, I'm confident this online version will benefit and bless hundreds of thousands of voters!

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