Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm Joe the Plumber...

"Joe the plumber" has a secret plan to destroy Barack Obama.

If you believe the media, Joe is a sinister, McCain-supporting Republican of the Reagan type - he is a true threat to the "Anointed One" - Barack Obama - and his chances of becoming president of the United States.

This sounds almost like a make-believe story, but it's true. The media has been seeking to decapitate Joe the plumber.

Why? Because he's an ordinary American who has a dream of business success for himself and his family.

One day, Joe woke up and suddenly realized that Barack Obama is going to punish him with brutal taxes.

Just by coincidence - and I know Chris Matthews and Katie Couric will never believe it was simply a coincidence - Joe met Barack Obama as Obama passed through his Ohio neighborhood.

When Joe challenged Obama with a tough question - something the press has not done during the past two years - the Anointed One wilted.

How dare Joe want to make and keep his own money? The nerve of this man to want to be a success in a small business!

As Obama put it, shouldn't Joe want to help him "spread the wealth around?"

With that one remark, Obama's disguise as a moderate crumbled.

from: National Republican Trust PAC

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