Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Should a Democrat Vote for McCain?

I'm a conservative republican - so I can't really answer that question. I honestly don't understand how ANYONE can vote for Obama. I wish McCain were more conservative and I disagree with him on some issues, however I agree with him on important issues such as Life, Family Values, Protecting Freedom and fighting Terrorism and War I do agree with him we need a smaller government, we need to cut spending and lower taxes (I don't know if he will do it enough) - we need more Reagan Conservatives.

However to answer the question above --- "Should a Democrat Vote for McCain?" I found an answer on the Galax Gazette Online:

Millions of Democrats Will Vote for McCain

"Yes, please do investigate, analyze and vote your principles. This is why I'm a Democrat voting for McCain, and there are millions like me.

Obama does not have much of a record, but he does have policies that sound good for me, a Liberal Democrat.

But, here's the rub... Obama has said one thing publicly about FISA, taking publicly-financed campaign dollars, etc., then done the exact opposite of what he says he would have done!

This is why I started researching Obama myself and I do not like what I see. Aside from the questionable qualifications, and affiliations, including Rezko, Auchi, Khalidi, and Ayers (yes, he has had a working relationship for a long time with Ayers, and Michelle was a coworker of Bernadine Dohrn), you need to look at the words of Obama himself. Because this is what Obama intends to do, not what he says he will do when in front of crowds.

The audio from 2001 of Obama in response to a mere question about "economic reparative work" during a discussion about the civil rights movement is particularly chilling, and just one more example of why I, and millions like me cannot support this candidate.

Aside from the redistribute wealth comment, and since remember this was in response to a question about REPARATIONS, Obama plainly and without hesitation stated that he felt the Warren court had not gone far enough and that the Constitution itself is flawed, because it does not provide citizens certain proactive government deeds only negative rights. Obama doesn't even mention that the Bill of Rights, brilliantly provides for certain inalienable rights we have as human beings. Apparently, what Obama believes would have made the US Constitution without flaw is if it incorporated wording that the government should provide economic support or any other social need Obama deems important.

I find it amazing that a man who studied the US Constitution and was so regarded an expert that he was given a position as a lecturer, has such utter disdain for the foundation of our country! No wonder he won't release anything he has ever written as a law student or professor.

So we have a man who believes our foundation of our legal system is flawed, and has changed positions on important pieces of legislation which essentially gave corporations more rights to spy on us and immunity for doing so, and my Democratic Party demands that I support this man?

I will never go against my principles and vote for someone who has such little regard to the US Constitution, does not remain true to his word to the point he says one thing with one group and the exact opposite with another, and has split his own party by every socially-created division, whether it be class, gender, generational, racial, ethnic, or where one may fit on the political spectrum.

And, whether or not Obama is directly or indirectly responsible for the actions of his followers, his race-baiting has created such a level of hatred that ordinary people feel they have license to do whatever they deem necessary to reach their end of electing Obama.

Personally, I have never seen so much vitriol from a group of supporters in my over 20 years of being an active Democratic Party member."

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