Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Abortion - and how it hurts women...

This post is somewhat related to the recent post on Planned Parenthood's Many Lies - That post exposed the lies about abortion that Planned Parenthood wants you to believe. This article below tells you the truth about abortion; the truth that Planned Parenthood doesn't want you to know.
Excerpts from: OneNewsNow - The Pain of Abortion.
"Overlooked in the debate over abortion, and usually disregarded by pro-abortion activists for obvious reasons, is the impact having an abortion often has on the women who've experienced them. ...

Psychotherapist Theresa Burke, who specializes in treating women dealing with post-abortion issues...decided to make post-abortion trauma her specialty. "As a society, we don't understand abortion," she writes. "We debate it. We pass laws about it. We argue about it as a moral and political issue. But we don't understand it as a life-changing experience. In that latter regard, grief after an abortion is neither expected nor permitted in our society. This is a great national tragedy." Burke now runs a program called Rachel's Vineyard which offers weekend retreats across the country to help heal people suffering from the trauma of abortion.

Burke writes that most women choose abortion in violation of their conscience. "Various studies have found that 65 to 70 percent of women seeking abortions have a negative moral view of abortion...[and] that 74 percent of those admitting a past abortion...personally believe abortion 'is morally wrong.'" But society, boyfriends, and especially abortion counselors often discourage women from listening to their consciences. Instead women are told that having an abortion rarely causes psychological reactions. One of Burke's patients was told by an abortion counselor that having an abortion is no more painful or risky than having a tooth pulled.

That's not the case, based on Theresa Burke's experience as a therapist. Nor is it the case for Michaelene Fredenburg, who learned firsthand that there can indeed be psychological consequences following an abortion. "When I was 18, I had an abortion," she writes. "I was completely unprepared for the emotional fallout." Fredenburg was overwhelmed by a range of feelings, from anger to profound sadness. She suffered in silence for years before finally seeking help from a trained counselor....

So Fredenburg decided to try and help others in her situation. She has started an outreach to those whose lives have been affected by abortion called Abortion Changes You. "...

Fredenburg tells of her own experience, as well as the stories of many others, in her book, Changed: Making Sense of Your Own or a Loved One's Abortion Experience. The larger Abortion Changes You outreach includes an interactive website ( where people can share their experiences with others. Reading through the entries is painful. There are common threads which run through many of them: guilt, depression, drug and alcohol abuse. One woman writes, "I cried for 20 years." And another, "My inside is like a giant hole. I don't think I will ever be able to be me again." Many express anger that they weren't given information about the psychological impact abortion often has. ..."
Do you want to know why Planned Parenthood advocates so strongly for women to have an abortion and neglects to tell them the emotional risk and pain associated with an abortion? It is rather simple:
..."the obvious but unstated reality is that abortion providers aren’t in it for the good of anybody but themselves. They make money by performing abortions. “Pregnancy Resource Centers,” he writes, “exist to help women with these life issues…When we save babies, we are also saving women from future pain and guilt. Our services cost our clients nothing. We are not in business to make money.” from: OneNewsNow - Removing the 'Need' for Abortion
When women are able to talk to counselors that really care for them and their baby - not just wanting to make a buck from their pain; these women are able to find solutions to their problems:
"Many women, Horton says, consider abortion because they don’t believe they can properly care for a child. In those cases, they’re referred to an adoption agency, and provided with emotional support all through their pregnancy. In that way, he says, they take away the “perceived need” for abortion. In other cases, women may actually want to keep their babies, but need help doing so. Pregnancy Resource Centers provide emotional and material support for these women, too, including education programs." from: OneNewsNow - Marcia Segelstein
Pregnancy Resource Centers offer not only life to innocent unborn children, but offer women (who would otherwise choose abortion) their lives free from future emotional pain and suffering that would have resulted from the abortion.

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