Monday, December 15, 2008

Pro-Abortion Groups Memo to Obama

Pro-Abortion Groups Issue 55-Page Marching Orders for Barack Obama Administration
"A coalition of dozens of pro-abortion groups have issued a 55-page memorandum and the web site for the Barack Obama transition team posted it online. The new memo from groups like Planned Parenthood and NARAL gives Obama his marching orders for the next four years.

The memo sets forth the kind of decisions Obama should make when it comes to topics like abortion, abortion funding and abstinence education.

The pro-abortion directive calls on President Obama to take the lead in calling for Congress to pass the radical Freedom of Choice Act and to sign it into law once it arrives at his desk.

"We urge the President to signal public support for FOCA and call on Congress to pass this important legislation," the memo says.

The legislation would make unlimited abortions throughout pregnancy the national law and overturn hundreds of pro-life laws from partial-birth abortion bans to parental involvement laws in all 50 states.

Douglas Johnson, the legislative director for National Right to Life, said the abortion lobby laid out its Christmas wish list in the memo.

"This document is a road map to what we call 'the Obama abortion agenda,'" he told

"The pro-abortion lobby has presented its radical abortion agenda to the Obama Administration in a single tidy 55-page package -- even including the exact language of presidential orders that these lobbying groups want Obama to sign," he explained.

"The groups instruct the Obama Administration that it should propose repeal of the Hyde Amendment, and include an abortion mandate in a 'health care reform' bill, within the first 100 days. Longer-term goals include the so-called 'Freedom of Choice Act' and packing the federal courts with judges who are pre-committed to vote with the pro-abortion side," Johnson added.

The memo calls for Obama to strike all limits on taxpayer funded abortion in various circumstances. ...

...The abortion advocates also want Obama to restore funding to the UNFPA despite the fact that the UN organization has been found to be involved in and supportive of the one-child policy in China that includes forced abortions and sterilizations. ...

...The memo urges Obama to take other actions like putting together a federal health care plan that covers abortion, reduce abstinence education funding, and pull down information from federal web sites that talks about the medical and mental health problems women suffer after abortions.

It also calls on Obama to only appoint pro-abortion judges to the Supreme Court and lower federal courts.

The memo includes the actual text Obama should use for Executive Orders and Presidential Memorandums, legislative language changes, new regulatory initiatives, and a list of judicial vacancies." ...
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"The memo was supposed to stay under wraps but Obama put it on his web site because of his recent moves favoring more government transparency.

Deal Hudson, a prominent pro-life Catholic writer says the memo should make it clear to any pro-life Obama backers that neither the new president nor pro-abortion groups want any common ground to reduce abortions.

"Anyone who has bought into the myth that Obama is 'moderating' his positions should notice that the first section is entitled 'Steps for the First Hundred Days.' Groups that have spent millions supporting pro-abortion members of Congress, including Obama and Biden, aren't in the mood to wait," he writes.

"Nowhere is there any of the pre-election rhetoric about 'dialogue' or 'lowering' the number of abortions.

Hudson says the proposals would entrench the unlimited abortion policies that currently guide the U.S.

"Taken together, the proposed policies would accomplish three things: 1) treat abortion as a health care right, 2) provide funding for abortions by insurance carriers or the government, and 3) put judges and political appointees in place who will protect the abortion and government-funding from future challenges," he explained." ...
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