Thursday, December 4, 2008

Homosexuals banned from promoting their 'way of life'

Homosexuals here in America favor Obama and socialistic ways - but yet under a socialistic government (as seen in Russia), the homosexuals may be one of the first to lose all their "freedoms and rights". Gays and Lesbians may have to rethink their vote once they see what really happens in a socialistic country.

Moscow has now officially banned promotion of a high risk behavior that leads to a high risk deadly infection. - Doesn't sound too insensible -- does it?

Moscow has banned gays and lesbian from promoting their homosexual lifestyle because of it is a high risk for spreading AIDS... and also because the homosexual lifestyle promotes the extinction of the human race and Russia is short of children.
"Moscow has banned gays and lesbians from promoting their way of life because they can help spread HIV/AIDS, the Russian capital's 72-year-old mayor was quoted as saying on Thursday by RIA news agency.

Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, speaking at an HIV/AIDS conference in Moscow, also said there was no scientific proof that condoms provided full protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

"We have banned, and will ban, the propaganda of sexual minorities' opinions because they can be one of the factors in the spread of HIV infection," Luzhkov was quoted as saying by state-owned RIA.

"Some home-grown democrats consider that sexual minorities are a major indicator and symbol of democracy but we will continue to ban the spread of their views," Luzhkov said.

Luzhkov's administration has banned several gay rights marches in Moscow in the interests, it argues, of ensuring security and preventing public disorder. ...

While still president, Vladimir Putin quipped that his approach to sexual minorities was guided by Russia's demographic problems. The country is short of children. ...

And his comments came as no surprise to Gay Russia, a Moscow-based gay rights group. "We have to remember that the mayor of Moscow is one of the most homophobic politicians in Russia," the group said in a statement."
from: Reuters AlertNet

You may think what other homosexuals think - that AIDS isn't a gay disease anymore and anyone who thinks so is being homophobic ... however don't dismiss this question - Find out for yourself if AIDS/HIV is really a gay disease or not??? Look at the studies that are done.

The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center
has recently declared that HIV/AIDS is a Gay Disease to address rapidly increasing HIV infection rates among the homosexual population. To read more articles and studies done by the CDC on AIDS/HIV and the gay population click here: Is AIDS a Gay Disease?
"When one third of gay men will contract HIV/AIDS during their lifetime, how can we say that this is an activity that can be made safe? The infection rates are so high that one can more properly say that gay sex is an inherently unsafe activity. If any other activity, besides gay sex, led to such a high risk of infection of a deadly disease, there would be a huge campaign to get people to stop that activity. It would be made illegal.....

But because of the powerful pro-gay lobby which strongly influences the mainstream media and has an even greater control over Hollywood, the truth about the huge risk of gay sex is ignored, and anyone who says otherwise is accused of being "homophobic"... Even the supposedly conservative Supreme Court has ruled that this dangerous sexual activity is a constitutionally protected right."
quote from: Half Sigma


Spencer Adams said...

All too true. Gays and the psuedo-Intellectual elite are the first to be banned and jailed in a Socialist regime. Can't have "free" thinkers who might decide to bad mouth the current regime and you can't have citizens that don't meet the ideal "new elite."

However, you should go back further and look at the opening days of Communism in Soviet Russia, China, and Cuba and also the opening days of fascism in Germany. Many folks in the ultra-liberal camp would find their spiritual brothers amongst those who initiated these regimes and were sacrificed so quickly by them.

As for HIV being a homosexual disease only, I think you need to understand that it is far more wide spread then just the gay community. Certainly male homosexuals are the most "at risk" group, but any sexually active person is at risk too. Plus the opportunity to be infected by drug users and contact with bodily fluids is another source. Just because I'm not in those high-risk categories doesn't mean that the risk doesn't exist. I think that we can’t ignore the disease because we find the victims distasteful. They are human beings and I can’t imagine a more Christian gesture then to reach out to help this group as Jesus reached out to cure the leper.

a red voice said...

"Is AIDS a gay disease?" This is an interesting question, isn't it. I found information from several articles and posted it in an earlier post, here: - one of the articles states .08% of the non-gay population will acquire AIDS/HIV from non-homosexual sex (some will acquire it from a bisexual bridge as well) as compared with aprox. 1 out of every 3 (33%) gay men living the lifestyle will acquire AIDS/HIV. I am also going to post another study I found on Americans for Truth about AIDS later today with many more interesting facts about the disease.

So while the heterosexual population isn't immune from HIV/AIDS, the risk is significantly higher for the gay population, and increasing yearly. I'm aware there are risk for any one who puts him/herself at risk (drug users, heterosexual promiscuity, etc.)

I agree, we shouldn't ignore the disease or homosexuals either, but I don't believe we should promote this behavior that is such a high risk behavior in our schools (as this is one of the high priorities on the homosexual agenda). If homosexuals want to live this lifestyle, - so be is their life and their freedom to do so, but I don't believe we as a society can encourage it and just ignore the high risk it has for HIV/AIDS.

There are many Christian groups that are set up to reach out and help the homosexual who wants to be helped. My husband worked (interpreted for a client) for one of these organizations for a couple of years - their message is one of love not hatred... they believe that freedom from homosexuality comes through a person... the Lord Jesus Christ.

Their programs were inspired by men and women who have experienced freedom from homosexual desire and behavior through the love and mercy of Jesus Christ. Their ministry has helped hundreds of men and women find biblical resolution to their homosexuality and has ministered to their families, friends, and church leaders. Their goal is not to fight with the pro-gay organizations, but to offer help to those who want it. I believe as Christians, this is what we should do. Offer help to those who want it, and let the ones who don't, live the way they want -- but we can't ignore the high risks and think it is okay to promote this behavior to children.