Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More info on "global warming"

Excerpts from a most interesting article from Green Watch America

"As most of us know, the theory of global warming, very simply, is that unprecedented levels of man made greenhouse gasses are responsible for trapping heat in the atmosphere of the earth, warming the planet to unprecedented levels. With that in mind, if you could place two headlines together, side by side, that would, at the very least, cause a modicum of doubt in the minds of scientists and politicians, wouldn't it be these two?

Climate Scientists Say 2008 Will be Coolest Year of the Decade

Greenhouse Gasses Hit Modern Day Highs

Of course, in the world of climate alarmism, there is no room for doubt, so when asked if this would be evidence that global warming is slowing, Dr. Peter Stott, the manager of understanding and attributing climate change at the Met Office's Hadley Centre, replied, "Absolutely not. If we are going to understand climate change we need to look at long-term trends."

If decreasing temperatures are not a sign that global warming is slowing, I have just one question for you, Dr. Stott. What is?

To a degree (no pun intended), Dr. Stott is correct. A single year does not an trend make. But before this year, a single year was plenty for the climate alarmists to latch on to as evidence of an irreversible trend. Repeatedly, they would evoke 1998 as the hottest year of the century (even though their science was wrong; 1934 was actually hotter), and after virtually every major storm in the last ten years, someone would claim this was a sign of things to come.

Is it too much to ask that the alarmists at least notice their own double standards?"

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