Monday, December 15, 2008

Planned Parenthood protecting child rapist ... again

"Another incident has surfaced involving an underage girl receiving an abortion and no attention being paid to the child molester who impregnated her.

The incident happened at a Planned Parenthood clinic in the nation's capitol. Information on the incident comes from American Life League's Katy Walker.

"Counselors in Washington, DC, encountered a 13-year-old girl going into a Planned Parenthood in the downtown DC area [who] was accompanied by her mother and her aunt," Walker explains. According to the pro-life activist, following the abortion the aunt shared some information with sidewalk counselors outside the clinic.

"[S]he informs them that this little girl has been raped by the mother's boyfriend, and the mother wants to keep the boyfriend," says Walker."

excerpts from: OneNewsNow

And another sting caught on tape in three weeks... (see video below)
The first case showed a Charlotte, North Carolina Planned Parenthood covering up an incident of statutory rape.

A second tape showed a staffer named Diana telling Lila Rose, a UCLA student who posed as a 13-year-old girl who had sexual relations with a man more than twice her age, that she didn't want to know any more about the incident.

This third, newly-released footage from this past summer shows Rose, who again claims she is an underage girl who had sex with an older man, hearing from employees about her sexual abuse.

This time, two Planned Parenthood employees say they "don't care" about the age difference between a 31-year-old man and the 13-year-old girl he was reported to have impregnated. ...

...Rose tells she additional videotape is very concerning because is shows an emerging pattern of abuse, as more abortion center counselors evade their legal responsibility to report the statutory rape of young girls.

She says the lack of reporting and Planned Parenthood staffers looking the other way makes it so young girls remain trapped in cycles of sexual abuse.
Although the Bloomington abortion center fired its nurse and Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter has launched an investigation, Rose said this is not an isolated incident.

"We have more videos documenting this pattern of law-breaking within Planned Parenthood. There are actual cases all across the country where their failure to follow state statutes has allowed predators to continue their sexual abuse of young girls," she told" ...

excerpts from Life News

an interview with Lila Rose (the second recent crime caught on tape in the past three weeks) - see video below:

for more info on second crime caught on tape see previous post Another PP Nurse Caught on tape

Wizbang points out:

"The advice given is strikingly similar as well. It's becoming a bit of a stretch to believe that it's just one employee when these videos are so similar, isn't it? Does Planned Parenthood perhaps coach their staffers on what to say? Not only do the two employees cover up for the felony of a 31-year-old having sex with a 13-year-old, they give helpful advice on how to cross state lines to avoid Indiana's parental notification law. What kind of depraved people would do something like that?? How is it that Planned Parenthood can have what they believe to be a 13-year-old tell them they've been impregnated by a 31-year-old and not feel they need to take legal action? Aside from the clear fact that they're breaking the law, do these people have no morals, no ethics?

What makes all of this even worse is that Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization that receives around $300 million in taxpayer subsidies a year. We're funding this kind of despicable behavior, and we don't even have a choice in the matter. The taxpayer funding of Plannped Parenthood needs to stop immediately, and a serious investigation of the organization needs to take place. How many of these heinous videos does Lila Rose need to publish showing Planned Parenthood practicing the exploitation of minors before the public sits up and takes notice? Yes, yes, the feminist lobby will screech with outrage, but that doesn't make them right nor does it excuse this behavior.

Abortion may be a debatable issue, but the exploitation of children, which Planned Parenthood seems to be frequently engaging in, is not."

Here some more Planned Parenthood crimes caught on tape below:

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