Monday, December 1, 2008

The Hard Truth about Abortion

The Family Planning Association (another name for groups like Planned Parenthood - I just love how these pro-abortion organizations want to appear like they are promoting/planning Families or Parenthood and use these words in their name - when their intent is actually the opposite - but that is another topic) Anyway, The Family Planning Association in England has realized if you really want to indoctrinate women to believe that abortion is merely "emptying ones uterus" (like emptying ones bladder) then you have to start teaching them while they are young.

"London, England ( -- Schoolgirls in England as young as 14-year-old are being made to watch a new video from a pro-abortion group that promotes abortion as a positive option when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. The video says abortion is a good option for girls who can't afford a baby or want to keep their boyfriend.

The Family Planning Association video "Why Abortion?" shows various scenarios where teenagers could consider abortion an option.

The video features teenagers debating abortion amongst themselves and the majority of teens say abortion is a good option for their peers.

And it comes just weeks after the British government said sexual education in schools should be compulsory and an announcement from the National Children's Bureau that sexual health clinics should be present in every school along with birth control and contraception.

According to a London Telegraph report, the FPA has sent every secondary school a flier promoting the video of the program and a report that supposedly refutes research showing women who have abortions facing medical and mental health problems such as depression or difficulties in future pregnancies. ...

A representative of the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child told the Telegraph that the video gives a "very unbalanced view of what abortion entails."

"They don't give any indication that it might create psychological difficulties, and the realistic alternative to abortion is not covered," the group added."


The other side is not taught. If children are going to be taught that abortion is a "positive option when faced with an unplanned pregnancy" or "a good option for girls who can't afford a baby or want to keep their boyfriend." Then they also need to see the facts and be exposed to the ugly truth about what abortion really is. The apathy of ignorance must be ended. Knowledge is responsibility.
These videos are graphic as they shows what is actually happening - the caption on the video states: "it is not for young children."

The first is a short music video showing the "hard truths"

The second is longer educational video that gives you the straight facts about abortion and what happened at an abortion clinic. Anyone considering abortion should view this.

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