Monday, December 8, 2008

Pro-Life Pro-Family Petition to the UN

Abortion advocates are trying to reinterpret passages from the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights to mean that across the world a woman has a “right” to an abortion.

"Abortion advocates are hoping, through a petition drive, to present tens of thousands of signatures to the UN on December 10 th , 2008, asking the UN to affirm their interpretation. This is the 60 th anniversary of the Declaration.

This important document affirms and recognizes "everyone's right to life, liberty and security of person."

The Declaration clearly lays out the rights of all human beings around the world and is used by pro-family NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to promote the family, parental rights, and the right to life at the UN.

Please join us in convincing the UN General Assembly that the family and life are indeed a human right worth protecting. Your signature will be turned with the signatures of like-minded individuals from around the world on December 10, 2008. Our hope is to turn in well over 50,000 signatures. Please join in on this monumental movement today."

excerpts from & to read petition click here: Pro-Life Pro-Family Petition to the UN.

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