Friday, December 5, 2008

Teenager banned from wearing Chastity Ring

"The item of jewellery owned by Kioni Lansbury represents her intention to stay a virgin until she marries.

But her school has deemed it potentially dangerous and against uniform rules.

Kioni, who is a regular church-goer, was inspired to wear the ring by the American pop group the Jonas Brothers, who have all made pledges of celibacy.

Purity rings are popular in America where organisers have persuaded a vast number of teenagers to abstain from sex.

Kioni, of Ottery St Mary in Devon, said: 'Lots of girls sleep around. I want to keep myself pure.

'Many of my friends want to get one. If people can wear head scarves, why can't I wear a ring?'

Kioni, who will turn 13 later this month, added: 'The ideas behind the purity ring are something I believe in. I believe in Jesus and a lot of his teachings.

'If you wait you know you're with someone who loves you'."

quoted from: daily mail online, tip from:

"Believing in Jesus and keeping yourself pure and waiting until your married so you know you're with someone who loves you..."

Wow! what dangerous thoughts......

Where are those thought police when you need them???... oh right... they're already there at the school banning her from these "potentially dangerous thoughts." whew....

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