Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama's Supporters (Clueless!!)

Listen to Howard Stern as Sal interviewed Obama's supporters in Harlem. (Does Obama really represent their values, do they really know what Obama stands for, or are they voting for Obama because he is black?)

Does Barack Obama represent your values?

You know the media spins the election news and polls -- reporting only what they want you to know. But now you can learn the truth. You see, the media often makes or breaks a candidate by providing favorable or unfavorable coverage. In the end, the loser is you, the voter.

It is imperative you check out the Barack Obama Test and see for yourself where he stands on the issues most important to America . . . and to you! So before you vote for any candidate, take this test!

. . because when you enter the voting booth on November 4, it is essential you go in as an informed voter . . . not as someone who’s made his or her decision based on media soundbites.

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