Monday, November 17, 2008

The Battle Continues...

An LDS perspective on the continued battle of Prop. 8...

Excerpts from Meridian Magazine - by Paul Bishop, read entire article here:

"The LA Weekly 's blog warned: “Tonight, at 5 p.m., endH8now will make a debut of sorts at the Los Angeles Mormon Temple on Santa Monica Boulevard in Westwood. The press release from endH8now says No on 8 supporters can expect a ‘colorful protest,' [endH8now spokesman] Sanchez promises a big surprise."

Members from many stakes had been asked to spend the night at ward buildings and stake centers to protect them from vandalism. While last week's protest was centered around the LA Temple, last Sunday, handfuls of protesters appeared outside local ward buildings.

During the past week there have been uncountable incidents of the Adversary's temper tantrums – everything from a local LDS lawyer whose firm received threatening phone calls, to hate mail sent to many members who openly supported Proposition 8, to envelopes of white powder delivered to both the Los Angeles Temple and to Church headquarters in Salt Lake carrying the threat of biological anthrax attacks.

These last incidents caused evacuations, closures, and incipient dread in those Church and temple workers who were exposed to the spilled powder. It doesn't matter the powder tested as non-toxic – the fear it caused was incomprehensively toxic.

Our opponents in this battle have chosen to call us the haters . That way the label is already taken and cannot be applied to them without making us look like copycat name callers.

Let's be clear, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not hate gays. In fact, the Church acknowledges that individuals may be attracted to the same gender. What the Church cares about is how you act on those desires – be you heterosexual or homosexual.

As a member of the Church, you are expected to live the law of chastity. You are expected to keep yourself morally clean in thought and action.

Is this difficult? Yes. Do we sometimes fail in our attempts to live up to these expectations? Yes. Is there a process to redemption and forgiveness when we fail? Without question.

Is all of this exponentially harder if your desires for intimate physical encounters involve the same sex? Absolutely.

A single, heterosexual, Latter-day Saint is not expected to engage in pre-marital sex. But he or she can certainly enjoy physical intimacy once they are married to a member of the opposite sex.

It can be much harder for a single Latter-day Saint who is drawn or compelled toward gay or lesbian relationships. They are not only expected not to engage in pre-marital sex, but must not follow their same-gender impulses throughout their lives. How great are the Saints in this position who understand what is required of them and have the fortitude to stand firm."

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