Thursday, November 20, 2008

e-Harmony Sued...

These articles below -also demonstrate how everyone (especially Christians) must be forced to embrace homosexuality. There's no telling how many law suits would (will) be filed against churches for refusing to marry homosexuals if (and when) this constitutional amendment was (is) overturned. Never mind that there are MANY other dating services out there for homosexuals, they COULD go somewhere else. There are thousands upon thousands of dating sites on the Internet that cater to gays, lesbians, Jews, Muslims, athletes, etc - whatever one's interests may be. But homosexuals (in the name of tolerance- of course) had to attack a Christian dating service and force them to provide gay mates. And for the record eHarmony is ostensibly a private company and never, ever refused to do business with anyone.

"Coming soon to EHarmony — Adam and Steve.

The Pasadena-based dating website, heavily promoted by Christian evangelical leaders when it was founded, has agreed in a civil rights settlement to give up its heterosexuals-only policy and offer same-sex matches.

EHarmony was started by psychologist Neil Clark Warren, who is known for his mild-mannered television and radio advertisements. It must not only implement the new policy by March 31 but also give the first 10,000 same-sex registrants a free six-month subscription.

“That was one of the things I asked for,” said Eric McKinley, 46, who complained to New Jersey’s Division on Civil Rights after being turned down for a subscription in 2005.

The company said that Warren was not giving interviews on the settlement. But attorney Theodore Olson, who issued a statement on the company’s behalf, made clear that it did not agree to offer gay matches willingly. “Even though we believed that the complaint resulted from an unfair characterization of our business,” Olson said, “we ultimately decided it was best to settle this case with the attorney general since litigation outcomes can be unpredictable.”

The settlement, which did not find that EHarmony broke any laws, calls for the company to either offer the gay matches on its current venue or create a new site for them. EHarmony has opted to create a site called

Warren had said in past interviews that he didn’t want to feature same-sex services on eHarmony — which matches people based on long questionnaires concerning personality traits, relationship history and interests — because he felt he didn’t know enough about gay relationships." from:

"eHarmony — which was not found in violation of the law — also agreed to ensure that same-sex users will be matched using the same or equivalent technology used for its heterosexual clients. It will also post photographs of same-sex couples in its "Diversity" section of its Web site and in advertising materials.

"Even though we believed that the complaint resulted from an unfair characterization of our business, we ultimately decided it was best to settle this case," eHarmony legal counsel Theodore Olson said in a statement. "eHarmony looks forward to moving beyond this legal dispute, which has been a burden for the company, and continuing to advance its business model of serving individuals by helping them find successful, long-term relationships." from:,2933,454904,00.html

"eHarmony was founded by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, an evangelical Christian who graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary. Its purpose is not to help singles hook up for sex, but to strengthen the institution of marriage by bringing people together who are likely to form healthy, long-term relationships.

Warren's company has now been forced into indentured servitude to the homosexual community. Not only must it assist homosexuals in arranging the performance of unnatural, immoral, and exceedingly unhealthy acts of depravity, it has also been reduced to posting photos of gay sex partners, in a coerced endorsement of activities profoundly antithetical to its guiding principles." from:

"This case is akin to a meat-eater suing a vegetarian restaurant for not offering him a rib-eye, or a female patient suing a vasectomy doctor for not providing her hysterectomy services. But rather than defend the persecuted business, the New Jersey attorney general intervened on behalf of the gay plaintiff and wrangled an agreement out of eHarmony to change its entire business model." - Michell Malkin

"Perhaps heterosexual men and women should start filing lawsuits against gay dating websites and undermine their business. Coerced tolerance and diversity-by-fiat cut both - ways." - Michelle Malkin

However, you would think this would satisfy the homosexual advocates - but it doesn't., a "separate but equal" site is not enough, they don't want this. Homosexuals want to invade the actual e-Harmony site - which originally was designed to strengthen marriage by the development of long-term healthy relationships.

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