Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Love Affair Continues...

A growing number of people who voted for Barack Obama are now going to the barber shop in order to show their support on their heads.

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Did you know this though??

- "Look at any photo album of the era of Reza Shah (1926 – 1941) and you will see many men sporting such a moustache, and analogous to the broad moustache of left or the unshaven look of the Islamists, illustrate their ideological attachments. That was a time when the adulation of Hitler was feverishly spreading across the country – hence the fashion for a Hitler moustache among the young." quoted from here.

"Hitler's moustache was indeed a fashion statement and no more. It had nothing to do with military orders. The distinctive toothbrush shape was popular in Germany" -from Oliver Kamm

Germans also liked to show signs that reveal their political sympathy. Many would sport a Hitler mustache probably not just because it was in fashion, but as a sign of his admiration for Hitler. The toothbrush mustache may have been popular at one time in Austria, but probably not by the time the war started unless you were a supporter if Hitler’s. -info from here

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