Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama's Supporters Wave Soviet Flag

Just in case you thought that the young libs didn't understand Obama's motive and the direction he wants to take our country. They are all for it!!

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For some reason, youtube took this video off - said it violated terms of use??, hmmmmmmm
(a while ago youtube took another video off - the video of actual footage of planned parenthood caught on tape committing a crime - not reporting a statutory rape -- youtube said it was inappropriate and violated terms of use)

This is what the above video was: "Hundred of students from George Washington University were celebrating the victory of Obama in front of the White House and the students were seen waving a Soviet Flag."

It was reported from Fox news & here it is - I found another video of it:

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Shelley and Greg said...

For some reason this is no longer available. I was interested in seeing it to see if it really was here on American soil or possibly after he won and people over in Russia were just happy for him. What was it about and why did they take it off.