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Interesting site - I found a chart on the summary of abortion laws around the world. The chart is found here: http://www.pregnantpause.org/lex/world02.jsp

"...the chart reflects what the text of the country's law says. How vigorously laws are enforced varies widely. Measuring how strictly a law is enforced is extremely difficult: It would be difficult to get statistics on how often the authorities knew someone had broken the law but did not bother to prosecute; I can't imagine how we could find out how many people broke the law but were never caught." ...

The site (pregnant pause) provides "Information on abortion, euthanasia, infanticide and related topics. For students, people facing decisions on these issues, or anyone interested in seriously thinking about these subjects."

There's a wealth of information on this topic - Here's a sampling:

An Abortionist Describes Abortion

"...one of the leading performers of late-term abortions, the late James McMahon, wrote a letter discussing the procedure. The letter was addressed to doctors who refer women to him for abortions. His purpose was apparently to reassure these doctors that there was good reason to perform late-term abortions, and so they shouldn't be frightened off by the bad publicity. While this is certainly a subject that could be debated, far more interesting than the point he was trying to make was the supporting argument he made along the way":
  • "...As the baby grows, so does the emotional investment. In the final 3 months, it is enormous. It is not a fetus, it's their baby. Losing one's child is, perhaps, life's worst tragedy. Sometimes the fetal flaw is grave, and, at the same time, the ultrasonographic findings quite subtle (e.g. Ebstein's Anomaly). Multiple opinions must be sought. To interrupt a wanted pregnancy, incident to an uncertain diagnosis, is a daunting prospect. Serial ultrasounds into the 3rd trimester may be necessary to clarify details and discover trends and, thereby, increase diagnostic certainty. All of this intensifies the patient's anguish. To draw an arbitrary line at any week to force a decision means that we may have parents killing their wanted child while still in the womb. Merely waiting could salvage many of these children. These are our most difficult problems. Thankfully, they are rare. The Guttmacher Institute and the CDC estimate only about 100 3rd trimester abortions are done in the United States per year. In 1991, we performed 65. All 3rd trimester abortions are, of course, non-elective. Relative to other providers of abortion services, a high percentage of our referrals are for therapeutic indications (80% after 20 weeks). Members of this fragile group of patients cut across humanity. It is one of life's worst experiences. Anyone who has this horror visited upon them needs and deserves our best efforts."
"According to this abortionist, what is it that a pregnant woman has in her womb? Is it a "product of pregnancy"? A "glob of fetal tissue"? No, when describing the miscarriage at 37 weeks, he says "their baby died". Indeed, just a little later he flatly says that, at least in the final 3 months, "It is not a fetus, it's their baby"....

According to this abortionist, is abortion just a routine medical procedure? Hardly. He says, "abortion is always a loss, in the 3rd trimester few tragedies compare". While I would challenge his definition of "therapeutic abortions", even at that, he describes it as "one of life's worst experiences" and a "horror"."

A Summary of Pro-Choice Arguments:

..."Opposition to abortion is based on religious beliefs. A fundamental principle of American democracy is that no one can impose their religious beliefs on others. Therefore, there should not be any laws against abortion.
  • By this reasoning, almost all of our laws would have to be thrown out. The Bible clearly says, "Thou shalt not steal". Does this mean that all laws against theft are attempts to impose a religious view on others, and should not be permitted? American Indian religion is said to include great respect for the natural environment. Does this make all anti-pollution laws an attempt to impose Indian religious beliefs on others? Almost every law embodies principles that are consistent with some religious or ethical teaching. If laws against abortion are imposing someone's religious beliefs on others, what about laws against murder, rape, and robbery?

No one can be sure when human life really begins. As long as there is doubt, as long as we cannot be sure that abortion is killing a human being, it is a morally acceptable option.
  • For the sake of argument, let's grant that there is really doubt about when human life begins. Let's accept for the moment the idea that we don't know for sure whether abortion is killing a person or not. How should we respond in cases of such uncertainty? Suppose a hunter in the woods sees a rustling in the bushes, but he can't see what's there. He doesn't know if it's the deer he's hunting for, or another hunter. Should he go ahead and shoot? After all, he can't be sure it's a person, so if he does shoot and kill someone, it's unintentional. Surely we would say that anyone who did such a thing was grossly irresponsible if not guilty of a criminal act. When in doubt, a concerned person prefers to err on the side of protecting human life.

The question is not whether abortion is right or wrong, but, Who decides? The individual woman, or the government? If you're opposed to abortion, don't have one, but don't try to impose your morality on others. Abortion is a personal choice between a woman and her doctor.
  • Let's try this thinking out on other issues: Supppose someone in 1850 said, "The question is not whether slavery is right or wrong, but, Who decides? The individual plantation owner, or the government? If you're opposed to slavery, then don't buy any slaves, but don't try to impose your morality on others. Slavery is a personal choice between a man and his slave-dealer." (By the way, this is exactly the argument that some supporters of slavery made.) Or how about this: "The question is not whether rape is right or wrong, but, Who decides? The individual man, or the government? If you're opposed to rape, than don't rape anybody, but don't try to impose your morality on others. Rape is a personal choice between a man and his sex therapist." Americans have a great tradition of individual freedom. But there's an old saying: "You have the freedom to swing your arm back and forth all you like, but your freedom ends where my nose begins." Freedom does not include the right to deliberately harm innocent people. We do not allow each man to decide for himself whether he thinks rape is acceptable, because the woman he might choose to rape has rights too. Likewise, we should not allow each woman to decide for herself whether abortion is acceptable, because the child she might choose to abort has rights too."
  • (more pro-choice arguments discussed here too)

America's Holocaust

..."How can the legalized murder of these unborn infants, who according to America's Supreme Court have no worth or value, be any different in the eyes of God then the legalized murder that occurred in Hitler’s death camps? There is a glaring comparison between Hitler's Holocaust versus the entire arena of abortion and embryonic stem-cell research. As extreme as it sounds it is amazingly relevant.

In the 1950’s I remember seeing films of General Eisenhower going into these holocaust death camps and discussing how evil they were. My father fought Hitler and his atrocities. Dad was shot in the lung and had part of his elbow blown off during World War II fighting the evil Nazi regime.

Hitler's killing resulted in the death of over 11 million people, including over 6 million Jews in the genocide called the Holocaust. When you consider the commonalities between Hitler’s Nazi regime that “targeted and murdered over 6,000,000 mostly Jewish men, women and children” and compare that to America’s Supreme Court decision in 1973 legalizing abortion across the board in our country which has “targeted and ended the lives of over 46,000,000 of our own unborn children”, who are the future men, women and children of America, what does that say about “us” post World War II? Evil is still alive. Numerically our own Supreme Court has legalized through abortion the loss and carnage of over seven times the number of lives lost in the Hitler death camps. Abortions are marching on in lockstep with no end in site and getting ready for the next 46,000,000. What happened to our culture and how could we have sunk so far so fast? ...

Much the same as our unborn children have no value in the eyes of too many of our liberal politicians today in 2005. One of my Jewish friends, Saul, was in the Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp. This is the camp from where Hitler’s SS Dr. Josef Mengele operated. Mengele was one of the head SS camp officials responsible for the murder and cremation at Auschwitz. “Beppo” and “Angel of Death” were two of Mengele’s nicknames by camp inmates. He was the monster who personally selected over 400,000 prisoners for execution in Hitler’s gas chamber in his 21 months at the death camp. Mengele also was the demented and crazed doctor who performed sadistic experiments on prisoners that he handpicked from the unloading platforms of Auschwitz.

Some of the experiments Mengele would do included injecting little children’s eyes with chemicals to change eye color and sewing the veins of twins together to see if he could create artificially conjoined twins. He did many gruesome amputations as well and is well known for his heartless surgeries and experiments on twins. At the end of his terrible and painful experiments he would kill many of his victims by injecting chloroform directly into their hearts.

After the war many twins and dwarfs came forward with recollections and testimony on the Mengele atrocities. They talked of how he would starve babies to death to see how long it would take them to die. These survivors told of mothers killing their own babies in order to save them from Mengele and his many barbaric torturous experiments. These experimental atrocities were also done at other camps. These so-called scientists would operate without anesthesia, they would infect children with fatal diseases and they would do horrible experiments on womens reproductive organs. After the war Mengele fled to Buenos Aires where, true to form, he became an abortionist. There were other SS death camp officers who became abortionists, including the infamous Vilis Kruze. Mengeles killing machine was populated with armies of doctors, lawyers and politicians who found other living beings devoid of worth.

Likewise, America’s Supreme Court in 1973 found our nations unborn as being devoid of worth."

Abortion: A Necessary Evil?

... "Our culture has allowed us to believe that life can be manipulated, bought, sold, and expended at our own desire. ... The gift of life has been sold over to lies that say that abortion is a necessary evil. It's necessary to prevent women from dying in back-alley abortions; it's necessary to preserve the peace of our perfect little lives; and it's necessary to keep women's rights readily available. The truth is, abortion is not a necessary evil: women and America can live without abortion."

Don't Believe in Abortion? Don't Have One!

"..."If you don't believe in abortion, don't have one. But don't impose your values on me. If I want an abortion, that's my business." That's not a new argument; it's been around for a while. But apparently it's still popular.

Is this argument valid? Well, let's try to apply it to some other issues. Like:

  • You don't believe in racism? Fine, then don't lynch any black people. But don't impose your values on me. If I want to lynch someone, that's my business.
  • Or: You don't believe in rape? Fine, then don't rape anybody. But don't impose your values on me. If I want to rape someone, that's my business.
  • Or even: Don't believe in shooting abortionists? Fine, then don't shoot one. But don't impose your values on me. If I want to shoot an abortionist, that's my business.

Hmm, it doesn't seem to make much sense when applied to other issues, does it? So does it make any sense when applied to abortion? I think not.

I am convinced that abortion is morally wrong, because it is killing an innocent baby. Therefore I cannot just stand by and do nothing while innocent people are killed. That would be like standing by and doing nothing while an innocent person was lynched or raped. To say, "Hey, that was between the two of them. It was none of my business," would surely make me ... if not actively evil, surely incredibly callous to the sufferings of others. No, I'm sorry, but I DON'T respect your right to exploit and destroy other human beings for your personal benefit."

The Wrong to Choose

"'But it's my body! It's my choice.'

Yes, it is your body. But you already made your choice, and choices have consequences.

You can choose to drink a fifth of Jack Daniels every day, but you may have to accept the consequence of destroying your liver.

You can chose to eat a half gallon of "Rocky Road" every night, but you may have to accept the consequence of having to shop at Big Bertha's Expandable Daywear Shop.

And, you can choose to be sexually active, but, even if you practice birth control, you have to accept the fact that you might get pregnant.

But what about the victims of rape and incest? Haven't they suffered enough?

Indeed, those victims have suffered. But subjecting them to an invasive surgical procedure and destroying an innocent life will not erase the horror they have experienced. Rather it will more likely add additional trauma.

Regardless, it's still a baby. Two moral wrongs don't make a civil right."

Partial Birth Abortion: -As Described by its Inventor

The abortionist who invented it wrote a paper describing how to do it for a conference of abortionists in 1992. This paper was presented to Congress during the debate on the partial-birth abortion ban bill, - all the quotations used here directly come from the Congressional Record, September 19, 1996, pages H10631

..."With a lower extremity in the vagina, the surgeon uses his fingers to deliver the opposite lower extremity, then the torso, the shoulders and the upper extremities.

The skull lodges at the internal cervical os. Usually there is not enough dilation for it to pass through. The fetus is oriented dorsum, or spine up.

At this point, the right-handed surgeon slides the fingers of the left hand along the back of the fetus and "hooks" the shoulders of the fetus wit the index and ring fingers (palm down). Next he slides the tip of the middle finger along the spine towards the skull while applying traction to the shoulders and lower extremities. The middle finger lifts and pushes the anterior cervical lip out of the way.

While maintaining this tension, lifting the cervix and applying traction to the shoulders with the fingers of the left hand, the surgeon takes a pair of blunt curved Metzenbaum scissors in the right hand. He carefully advances the tip, curved down along the spine and under his middle finger until he feels it contact the base of the skull under the tip of his middle finger.

Reassessing proper placement of the closed scissors tip and safe elevation of the cervix, the surgeon then forces the scissors into the base of the skull or into the foramen magnum. Having safely entered the skull, he spreads the scissors to enlarge the opening.

The surgeon removes the scissors and introduces a suction catheter into this hole and evacuates the skull contents. With the catheter still in place, he applies traction to the fetus, removing it completely from the patient. ..."

"Pro-abortionists frequently say that what is aborted is not a baby, certainly not a person. Rather, it is simply a "glob of tissue" or a "product of conception".

One need only read this abortionist's paper to see that he certainly is not under any such delusion. He clearly refers to the unborn's "lower extremities", "torso", "shoulders", "upper extremities", and "skull". A glob of tissue does not have shoulders and a skull. A baby does."

Many more informative resources and articles - check out the sight: Pregnancypause.org

There's also information for women seeking help on:

How to Survive an Abortion

"Somewhere deep down inside your being you are aching, or perhaps your abortion has left you emotionally distraught. Whatever pain you are experiencing, you are not alone. Millions of women are suffering as you are.

Among the most common symptoms experienced by women who seek counseling [for post-abortion trauma] are: low self-esteem, anger, guilt, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, extreme mood swings, a need to compensate for the loss of their child, drug and alcohol abuse, promiscuity, frigidity, numbness of feelings, hatred of self or of men, withdrawal, inability to sustain intimate relationships, unexpected emotional outbursts, suicide attempts [especially on the date her baby was due to be born]. Physical symptoms include nervous itching or hives, headaches, backaches, stomach or abdominal disorders.

"The crisis point occurs most often between 2-5 years after the abortion. For some women, the crisis may come within months of the abortion -- for others repression may last 20-30 years or more ..."

and there are also personal stories posted that aborted women have shared in their own words: http://www.pregnantpause.org/ownwords/index.html

there is information on infanticide, plus much more...

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