Monday, November 17, 2008

The Look of Blue...

I found a cool new blog:

El Marco did a really interesting photo essay and blog on Colorado - red state gone blue -see post here:

I looked at all of his photos and thought I was in Portland. They look so similar - the look of blue - here's a sampling of some of the pictures/quotes:

"I’m voting for Obama because I believe in the future because the future is ahead of us, and the past has come before us. And the future is yet to come."

"I believe Obama believes in hope, and hopes for a future filled with hope. If you believe that change can’t happen if you don’t do something, vote Obama."

"I believe that we U.S. Americans want change and Obama will change things and not leave us unchanged."

"If you believe the future is not now and not in the past, vote Obama."

"The past is like, history, and that is so like, yesterday. If you hope there’s a candidate that believes in hope, if you believe there’s a candidate that believes in everything you believe in, vote Obama. Vote for hope, vote for change, vote Obama."

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