Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christians cling to values not rasism...

Many Libs say that Conservative Christians did not vote for Obama due to racism. I guess it is their need to justify and not look into the real reason why we did not vote for him. Scott Thong also commented about this topic,click here to read

This article below gives percentages of Christians who voted for Obama. It is an interesting read.

Conservative Christians reject racism label in Obama vote
by Rachel Zoll - excerpts from and to see entire article click here:

"According to exit polls, while nonwhite Christians voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama , most white Christians backed John McCain. Several black clergy claim criticism of Obama by some white Christians over his religious beliefs and support for abortion rights crossed the line. But conservative Christians...including some black preachers...reject that accusation.

White evangelicals backed McCain because of his opposition to abortion rights, not because of the race of either candidate.

34 percent of white Protestants voted for Obama, while 65 percent went with McCain. Obama won the overall Roman Catholic vote, but white Catholics backed McCain by a slim majority, 52 percent to 47 percent. Among white Christians, the racial gap was most pronounced with evangelicals: 74 percent backed McCain, 24 percent backed Obama."

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